We provide efficient, custom synthetic slings and solutions.

Our rigging and lifting products must always operate at peak performance for our customers. That’s our priority. We offer a wide range of lightweight rigging slings that can withstand arduous loads – you’re never left with a malfunctioning sling.

We use high-quality materials in our custom sling fabrication process for various industrial applications. Our top-of-the-line synthetic sling line is:

  • Economical
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely flexible
  • Quick-to-deploy
  • Easy-to-handle

We also offer aftermarket service inspections and re-certifications for lifting slings. Talk to one of our experts to learn more.

Flat Web Slings

Polyester or Nylon

These slings are perfect for accessing awkward locations and working on wide load-bearing surfaces. Our flat web slings provide smooth services for fragile objects. They are anti-cut and abrasion-resistant. Cordura protection is available, as are various finishes.

Silverback HHIperlift Slings

This exceptionally lightweight lifting sling can bear anywhere from 18 tons to 600 tons at a 5:1 ratio with exceptional performance. Silverback HHIperlift Slings are adaptable to extreme environments and proof-tested prior to shipping.

Endless and Eye & Eye Round slings


Holloway Houston’s dual-layered round slings wear more evenly than slings with eyes due to the changeable load bearing points.

For any questions or guidance on synthetic slings, get in touch with our specialists today!

Holloway Houston brings you the Python Pipe Restraint Slings. This simple piece of engineering can minimize the risk of pipe ruptures and potential injuries. The Python Pipe Restraint Slings slings can be used for a wide range of piping and pumping applications.