Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope slings are commonly used for rigging, lifting, towing, hoisting, and anchoring applications across industries. Wire slings are designed for varied applications in oil fields, construction, OEM, aerospace, and other industries.

Wire rope slings offer excellent abrasion and heat resistance, making them more suitable for extreme work conditions. Sling wire ropes come in different configurations, and Holloway Houston manufactures and fabricates custom rigging slings for your specific needs.

Quality Wire Rope Sling Supplier

Work with an experienced, reliable wire rope sling supplier.

Holloway Houston is an ISO 9001-certified industrial hardware supplier with over 200 dedicated professionals. We serve industries across the globe, including OEM, oil and gas, construction, aerospace, marine, and energy, among others.

As a leading wire rope sling supplier, we manufacture and assemble different rigging slings. Committed to quality and consistency, we have large inventories, quality manufacturing, value-added services, testing facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment. It’s no surprise our wire rope slings are one of our best-selling products.

Variety of Slings We Offer

Get the best-in-class wire rope slings for all your rigging and lifting applications.

Holloway Houston offers wire rope slings in different configurations. Each rigging sling has its own advantages and is better suited for specific rigging and lifting applications. All our wire rope slings come with required proof tests, conformance certifications, and MTRs.

Our catalog includes:

Three-Part EIPS Slings

Buy load-tested, industrial-grade three-part EIPS slings. Our three-part EIPS slings come in varying component wire diameter sizes, ranging from 3/4” to 6”. The eye length ranges from 20” to 168”. Proof-tested to two-times working load limit, our three-part EIPS slings provide exceptional stability and strength when lifting loads.

Nine-Part EIPS Slings

Get high-quality nine-part EIPS slings. Exceptionally durable, our nine-part EIPS slings are available in finished wire rope diameters, starting from 3” up to 24”. These wire rope slings are flexible and easy to handle. It is also possible to visually inspect all its internal parts before and after use.

Bridle Slings

Lift awkwardly shaped loads safely. Our bridle slings provide better load control and balance. Plus, the independent wire rope core prevents crushing. We can supply load testing certificates with your order. Currently, we sell three variants of bridle slings, including:

  • 2 -Leg Bridle Slings
  • 3 – Leg Bridle Slings
  • 4 – Leg Bridle Slings

Eye & Eye Slings

Lift and rig your loads with safety and ease. Our eye & eye wire rope slings are Commonly Used for general material handling, crane rigging, and overhead lifting. You can also use them for vertical, choker, and basket hitch. Just measure the cable angles carefully to ensure the slings are not overloaded.

High-Capacity Low-Headroom Grommets

Secure your cargo with our high-capacity low-headroom grommets. These grommets provide added strength and durability for completing high-capacity lifts safely. You can use our grommets for vertical, choker, and basket hitch.

Pendant Lines (Socket Lines)

Strengthen your rigging and lifting assemblies with our state-of-the-art pendant lines (Socket Lines). Holloway Houston offers spelter socket lines. You can use our raising lines for wire rope termination of different rigging assemblies, such as towing lines, mooring lines, and stinger lines. The types of socket designs we provide are open sockets, open and closed sockets, and closed sockets.

All Our Wire Rope Slings Are Tested & Certified

Buy wire rope slings that go through rigorous tests and adhere to industry standards. Our rigging slings are proof-tested to two times the working load limit (WLL). They have a design factor of 5:1. Whether you rent or purchase wire rope slings, Holloway Houston provides consistent quality for all its products.

Plus, all our wire rope slings have a heavy-duty stainless steel tag marked with an invoice number and other important information like rated load capacity. These tags help you track vital details like mill certificates, proof tests, conformance certifications, and MTRs. Moreover, our sales team is here to answer all your quality and certification-related queries.

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How to Order Wire Rope Slings

Order wire rope slings with ease. We know how hard it is to find the rigging slings that perfectly fit your needs and budget. And we are here to make your purchase seamless. When ordering wire rope slings, do keep the following factors in mind to help us serve you better.

  • Wire Rope Sling Capacity
  • Special Eye Configuration
  • Hitch Type (Single, Eye to Eye, And Basket Type)
  • Sling Length
  • Coupling Configuration
  • Material Type (EIPS or EEIPS)

If you are not sure how to proceed, our sales team is here to help. Tell them what you need and why you need it, and our experts will fetch the most suitable wire rope slings for you.

Have any Questions About Wire Rope Slings?

Still have questions about wire rope slings?

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At Holloway Houston, we believe in running a customer-centric outfit. If you have any questions or queries or need more information, get in touch with us. Call us at +1 888 496 4700 or fill out our online contact form.