Water Bag Proof Load Testing Excellence

At Holloway, we take pride in offering the finest water bag proof load testing services available. Our expertise in rigging and lifting equipment ensures the safety and reliability of your hardware, including cranes, lifeboats, and structural components.

Streamlined and Cost-Effective Water Bag Proof Load Testing

Regarded as one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your rigging and lifting equipment, water bag proof load testing is also less expensive. With our water-weight bags, you can readily test rigging and lifting hardware such as cranes, lifeboats, and structure strength, among others.

Water bag test is also a less time-consuming, more economical, and better way of proof load testing your hardware. It significantly reduces transportation costs, storage and handling issues, rigging time, and overall testing expense.

And there is no better place to avail the best water bag proof load testing than Holloway.

Why Choose for Water Bag Proof Load Testing Over the Traditional Testing?

Easy to Transport

You can simply roll up and pack the empty water weight bags. They are made from lightweight, pliable fabric, making it easier to roll up and transport them to the rigging and lifting site. You can use pick-up trucks and small commercial trailers to transport water weight bags. It’s easy and cost-effective.

Prevent Shock Loading

Shock loading can be a huge concern when using solid weights for proof load testing. It can result in a significant loss of strength or durability of a wire rope. With water weight bags, test loads get added gradually. This helps you identify the hoisting/ braking capability of equipment.

Infinite Number of Test Loads

With water weight bags, you can add a virtually unlimited number of test loads. All you have to do is alter the weight using water meters or force dynamometers. This allows you to add accurate test loads and inspect your equipment thoroughly.

No Need to Lower the Test Load

Another advantage is that you don’t need to lower the test load. You can drain the water from the test bags. This can be useful when proof testing in hazardous areas.


The water bag load test is a trusted and reliable way of measuring the strength and durability of your lifting and rigging hardware. Many leading companies, including organizations like OSHA, trust this proof load testing method.

Why Choose for Water Bag Proof Load Testing Over the Traditional Testing?

As you can see, water bag proof load testing is an excellent alternative to traditional solid load testing methods. But it is only effective if done correctly. That’s where Holloway comes in. We are experts in providing water bag tests best suited to your requirements and budget.

Here’s what sets us apart from our competitors.

Trained Technicians

Work with well-trained and experienced technicians. Holloway has a team of highly skilled and thoroughly trained technicians who will help you get the most accurate water bag proof load testing.

In-House Technical Support

Another advantage of working with us is the in-house technical support. Unlike our competitors, we have a full-fledged team of in-house tech experts ready to help you with all your water bag test needs.

Performance-Driven Equipment

Our trained experts make sure to use only calibrated measuring equipment. This allows us to provide you with accurate measurements, no matter what rigging and lifting hardware you choose to test.

Auxiliary Rigging and Accessories

Our expertise is not limited to water bag proof load testing. We also have a wide range of auxiliary rigging and accessories. Whatever your rigging and lifting needs are, fulfill them all under one roof.

Certified Water Bag Proof Load Testing

Get water bag proof load testing done the right way. Our expert technicians make sure to provide water bag tests that adhere to ASTM E4 and AWWA C701 specifications.

Complete Pre-Job Inspection

We believe in doing a thorough job. That’s why our water bag proof load testing also comes with a thorough pre-job inspection. This allows you to identify any issues with your equipment before use.

Delivery to Your Site

Are you worried about how to get your rigging and lifting hardware back to your site? No need to worry. Our experts will arrange safe and reliable transport to your site.

Get More Information About Water Bag Proof Load Testing.

As you can see, water bag proof load testing is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to test the strength and durability of your equipment. But make sure you engage an experienced and skilled professional like us to help you make the most out of it. We have helped many test the strength and durability of rigging hardware.

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