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Holloway Testing and Repair division offers a full range of inspections, repairs, and testing on a wide variety of equipment. We also service most types of lifting equipment including chain, slings, plate clamps, chain falls, come-alongs, load cells, blocks, and more.Learn More

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Rentals division offers a wide range of high-quality and durable equipment for rent, including spreader bars, wire rope slings, shackles, and more. Our rentals are an innovative and cost-effective alternative to purchasing equipment, providing access to top-quality rigging gear at a fraction of the cost.Shop Now

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Explore our wide selection of synthetic slings, wire rope slings, straps, shackles, and more.

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Find out how our rental rigging department can support you on your next production.

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The many styles of wire rope slings and synthetic slings in our product range are highlighted in our product section. Learn More

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Welcome to HHI Lifting, home of the biggest sling shop and testing facility in a single location in the country. Our company, Holloway Houston, supplies everything essential for your industrial lifting needs with high-quality equipment and cutting-edge testing services made accessible at our top-notch testing facility.

Learn more about the many products in our rigging rentals department by exploring our website, including spreader bars, wire rope slings, shackles, turnbuckles, skip pans, and several other items. Furthermore, our whole array of synthetic slings and wire rope products.

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