Holloway Heavy Duty Eye & Eye Flat Web Sling | 3 Ply | Nylon

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Slings are available in nylon or polyester webbing. Minimum 5:1 design factor. Do not exceed rated capacities. The ratings must be reduced when lifting at angles of less than 90 degrees with the horizontal.

The Holloway Heavy Duty Eye & Eye Flat Web Sling, featuring a robust 3 Ply design crafted from durable nylon material, excels as a powerful lifting solution for heavy-duty applications. Equipped with reinforced eye loops on both ends, this flat web sling make sures a secure and reliable attachment to lifting equipment.

The 3 Ply construction adds an extra layer of strength, enhancing its load-bearing capacity for tackling substantial weights with confidence. Whether in construction, manufacturing, or other industrial settings, this sling proves to be a versatile and durable tool for handling demanding lifting tasks. Rely on the Holloway Heavy Duty Eye & Eye Flat Web Sling to deliver consistent performance in challenging lifting scenarios.

Choose this premium 3 Ply nylon web sling to meet the demands of your heavy lifting requirements. Its durability and reliability make it an indispensable accessory, providing a safe and efficient solution for material handling in your workplace.

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Manufacturer Holloway
Color HHI Green
Choker Capacity 1280

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