Crosby® G-2140E Easy-Loc Shackles

Crosby® G-2140E Easy-Loc Shackles

Crosby® S-252 - Sling Saver Bolt Type Anchor Shackles

Crosby® S-252 - Sling Saver Bolt Type Anchor Shackles

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Crosby® G-2160 - Wide Body Sling Shackles

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The Crosby G-2160 Wide Body Sling Shackle is designed with a large bow radius to provide a minimum 58% gain in the sling-bearing surface – eliminating the need for a thimble. The product’s construction increases usable sling strength by at least 15% to improve the working life of wire rope slings in rigging and lifting operations.

  • Meets requirements of ASME B30.26
  • Working load limit: 14,000 pounds
  • Grade: 8
  • WLL Temperature: – 40F to 400F
  • Capacities of 200,000kg to 300,000kg
  • Approved for -40˚C up to 204˚C
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Product Materials

The Crosby G-2160 Sling Shackles are made from forged steel alloy and cast alloy steel – and are hot-dip galvanized to be corrosion resistant. All sizes are quenched and tempered, as well as tested for safety and maximum strength. The pin is non-rotating and has weld-on handles for easier use. The unique design of this product improves wear on wire rope slings and preserves equipment. All Crosby products meet or exceed critical performance requirements including fatigue life, impact properties, and material traceability.

Applications for Crosby G-2160 Sling Shackles

The G-2160 wide body sling shackle is designed to improve rigging and lifting operations in the energy and construction industries. The product will protect equipment and increase its longevity in many applications, including (but not limited to):

  • Towing
  • Suspension
  • Tie downs
  • Side-loading
  • Multiple sling leg connections

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