Holloway BOA-C Tree Saver Strap With Eye and Body Cordura Protection | WLL 11,000 Lbs.

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The BOA-C Tree Saver strap is the ultimate solution for any off-road enthusiast needing to tow vehicles or equipment safely. This durable tree-saver strap is constructed with heavy-duty materials and a Cordura cover in the body, ensuring it can withstand the heaviest loads without causing damage. The eyes of the strap are also reinforced with Cordura, providing an additional layer of protection and longevity. Ideal for use in the forestry, landscaping, and off-road industries, the BOA-C Tree Saver strap is a reliable tool for sustainable and responsible land use.

The Holloway BOA-C Tree Saver Strap with Eye and Body Cordura Protection is a top-tier solution crafted for the preservation of trees during lifting and rigging applications. Engineered with durability at its core, this strap features a robust Cordura body that superior protection against abrasion and wear.

Designed with an eye for easy attachment and equipped with a substantial working load limit (WLL) of 11,000 lbs, this Tree Saver Strap offers a secure anchor point, safeguarding both the tree and your rigging equipment. The Cordura protection boosts its resilience, making it an ideal choice for arboriculture and tree care professionals.

Prioritize safety and environmental consciousness with the Holloway BOA-C Tree Saver Strap. Upgrade your lifting operations by choosing a high-quality, durable solution that places tree preservation at the forefront.

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Manufacturer Holloway
Width 4"

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