Holloway BOA-C Tree Saver Strap With Eye and Body Cordura Protection | WLL 9,300 Lbs.

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  • The BOA-C Tree Saver strap is the ultimate solution for any off-road enthusiast needing to tow vehicles or equipment safely. This durable tree-saver strap is constructed with heavy-duty materials and a Cordura cover in the body, ensuring it can withstand the heaviest loads without causing damage. The eyes of the strap are also reinforced with Cordura, providing an additional layer of protection and longevity. Ideal for use in the forestry, landscaping, and off-road industries, the BOA-C Tree Saver strap is a reliable tool for sustainable and responsible land use.

The BOAC Tree Saver straps come with extra Cordura protection in the body as opposed to the standard BOA Tree Savers strap that only protects the eyes with Cordura protection. The BOA Tree Savers strap is constructed from 2 plies and comes in 3 width sizes, 2″, 3″ and 4″. Purchase the proper straps based on your working load limits available in the specifications.


  • Product Name: Holloway BOA-C Tree Saver Strap With Eye and Body Cordura Protection
  • Weight Load Limit (WLL): 9,300 lbs (pounds)
  • Price: $27.39
  • Construction: Crafted using heavy-duty materials with Cordura cover integrated into the body for enhanced durability
  • Protection: Cordura reinforcement applied to the eyes of the strap, offering an additional layer of safeguarding and prolonged lifespan
  • Durability: Engineered to endure the heaviest loads without incurring damage
  • Ideal Use: Well-suited for securely towing vehicles and equipment within off-road settings
  • Applications: Particularly suitable for deployment in forestry, landscaping, and off-road industries
  • Additional Features: Provides substantial protection and longevity to the strap for extended utility
  • Purpose: Designed to facilitate safe and environmentally responsible land use, serving as a dependable tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike.
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