Rigging Training

Get Free Rigging Safety Training from our comprehensive seminars cover the fundamentals to know about selecting, inspecting, and using rigging gear properly.

Free Fundamental Rigging Safety Training

As part of our Value-Added proposition, Holloway provides “Fundamentals of Rigging Safety” training seminars at NO COST to either existing or prospective clients. We see it as an investment in people’s knowledge and understanding, with a focus on risk management. Our goal is to provide you and your employees with a better understanding of how to properly select, inspect and use rigging gear. These training seminars are available at our facilities or yours, in English or Spanish.

A typical seminar (see class Agenda and 2016 schedule) covers 4-hours and each attendee will receive the following items.

  • welding16-Panel Crosby “Users Guide for Lifting” Rigging Card (ASME)
  • weldingASME / OSHA Based Product Application Seminar Workbook (Crosby)
  • weldingHolloway Products Catalog
  • weldingTour of Holloway Facilities (optional)
  • weldingThe Crosby Group General Products Catalog
  • weldingHolloway Certificate of Attendance
  • weldingComplimentary Lunch following conclusion of the seminar

Did you know?

“More employees are injured in the industry while moving materials than while performing any other single function. In everyday operations, they handle, transport, and store materials. This can be done by hand, manually operated materials handling equipment, or power operated equipment.”

U.S. Department of Labor and Industry (DLI)

ASME B-30.9 Standard for slings states that “…Sling users SHALL be trained in the selection, inspection, cautions

to personnel, effects of environment, and rigging practices…”

ASME B30.26 Rigging Standard for Hardware states that “Users SHALL be trained in the selection, inspection, cautions to personnel, effects of environment, and rigging practices”

The purpose of ASME Standards


Guard against and minimize injury to workers and otherwise provide for the protection of life, limb and property by prescribing safety requirements


Provide Direction to owners, employers, supervisors, and others…


Guide government and other regulatory bodies in the development, promulgation, and enforcement of appropriate safety directives


Provide training and support to help businesses use ASME Standards to safely and efficiently use our products.