Rigging Inspection Excellence

Ensuring the Safety and Reliability of Your Rigging Equipment

Rigging Inspection Services

Trust Holloway for comprehensive rigging inspection services. Our expert technicians meticulously evaluate every component of your rigging equipment, including hooks, chains, rigging shackles, eyebolts, load blocks, turnbuckles, hoist rings, and below-the-hook lifting devices, ensuring their safety and reliability.

Our technicians thoroughly evaluate each and every component of your rigging equipment, including

  • rigging_inspectionsHooks
  • rigging_inspectionsChains
  • rigging_inspectionsRigging shackles
  • rigging_inspectionsEyebolts
  • rigging_inspectionsLoad blocks
  • rigging_inspectionsTurnbuckles
  • rigging_inspectionsHoist rings
  • rigging_inspectionsBelow-the-hook lifting devices

We also inspect all rigging slings, including (but not limited to)

Wire rope slings

Our technicians thoroughly examine wire rope slings, checking for signs of wear, corrosion, and any potential weaknesses. We ensure your wire rope slings meet safety standards for reliable performance.

Chain Slings

Holloway inspects chain slings meticulously, looking for any wear, distortion, or damage that may compromise their integrity. Our inspections guarantee the safety and durability of your chain slings.

Synthetic slings

Synthetic slings undergo thorough assessments to identify any signs of wear, cuts, or abrasions. We ensure that your synthetic slings meet safety standards and are fit for use.

Web Slings

Our inspections of web slings include a careful examination of the webbing material for cuts, tears, or abrasions. We ensure your web slings are safe and reliable for various lifting applications.

Round Slings

Round slings are inspected for any visible damage, including cuts or fraying. Our assessments ensure the safety and performance of your round slings during lifting operations.

Specialty Slings

Holloway's expertise extends to specialty slings, including high-temperature slings and custom-engineered slings. We inspect them for specific factors that could affect their performance.

All Holloway rigging inspections come with a detailed visual report. If we note defects in standard or custom rigs, we’ll offer repair recommendations and actionable steps to improve safety and compliance.

For more information on rigging inspections, contact Holloway representative today.