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For your convenience, Holloway Houston has made available for download the Crosby group’s catalog. You may download the Crosby group catalog by sections or in full and receive more information on their products:

  • Crosby snatch blocks
  • Crosby shackles
  • Crosby hooks
  • Crosby eye bolts
  • Crosby turnbuckles

Crosby Catalog 2016 Imperial

Crosby Catalog 2016 Metric

Crosby Catalog 2016 Español

General Information

Wire Rope End Fittings


Sling Saver Fittings

Hooks & Swivels

Rigging Accesories

Chain & Accessories

McKissick Sheaves

McKissick Blocks

Western & Marine Blocks

Crosby Trawlex Products

Rigging Information