Get Load Measuring Equipment from Holloway Houston

Buy, rent, and get the best turnkey services for different applications. Holloway Houston boasts a large inventory of Hydraulic Jacks, Load Shackles, Running Line Tensioners, Anti 2 Block systems, and other load measuring equipment. Our experts also provide the equipment and knowledge required for turnkey services at our shop or your site.

Hollow Houston Provides Turnkey Services for Multiple Applications

Are you looking for customized turnkey services for your unique rigging and lifting applications? Your search ends here. Holloway Houston can offer you nothing but the best solutions, thanks to its advanced load measuring equipment and practical knowledge.

Our turnkey services include:

Force Measurement

Get precise and reliable force measurement for many technical and industrial applications.

Tension Measuring

Obtain tensions measuring with the highest accuracy for all your rigging and lifting projects in one place.

Onboard Weighing

Weigh loads directly with our advanced onboard weighing solutions tailored to your rigging and lifting specifications.

Center of Gravity Calculations

Accurately measure the Center of Gravity (CoG) for your rigging applications with the help of our experts.

Calibration Services

Calibrate your lifting equipment to the prescribed industry standards hassle-free.

Specialty Weighing and More

Do you need specialty weighing or specific turnkey services? Give us a call now.

Load Measuring Equipment We Supply

Buy or rent the best quality load measuring equipment. Holloway Houston stocks a wide range of equipment suitable for onboard weighing, tension measuring, force measuring, the center of gravity calculations, and specialty weighing.

We sell/rent load measuring equipment from leading manufacturers like Straightpoint, Scotload, Tractel, Simplex, Enerpac, Load Monitoring Systems, and more. Check out our list of equipment.

Load Cells

Find a wide range of load cells for your lifting and rigging applications.

Load Shackles

Buy the best quality load shackles designed for lifting and rigging in harsh environments.

Hydraulic Jacks

Get durable and easy-to-use hydraulic jacks suitable for different lifting operations.

Capacity Limiters

Buy capacity limiters with a backlit display, microprocessor control, and robust alloy housing.

Boom Angle Indicators

Detect tip-over situations easily using our range of boom angle indicators.

Load Moment Limiters

Increase the safety of your lifting and rigging equipment with our advanced load moment limiters.

Anti 2 Block Systems

Get flexible and rugged anti 2 block systems for lifting applications of all sizes.

Running Line M

Get the best quality running line M equipment for all your rigging needs.

Running Line Tensioners

Accurately monitor and save cable tension with our range of running line tensioners.

Load Measuring Equipment Calibration

Get your load measuring equipment calibrated to the given specifications.


Measure the strain on an object using our high-end, durable strain gauging equipment.

Why Get Load Measuring Equipment from Holloway Houston

Holloway Houston is a leading supplier of lifting and rigging equipment, load measuring equipment, and load testing services. We sell and rent high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers such as Straightpoint, Scotload, Tractel, Simplex, Enerpac, Load Monitoring Systems, and many more.

Here’s why Holloway Houston is a good fit for your organization.

  • A customer-centric approach that builds confidence and comfort.
  • Buy or rent lifting equipment at a reasonable price point.
  • Reliable products and services.
  • Large inventory and longstanding relationships with leading manufacturers.
  • Highly responsive and knowledgeable team.
  • OSHA and ASME-compliant rigging and lifting equipment.
  • Access to educational materials and safety training.

Holloway Houston is always here for you, ready to serve. Get in touch with us if you want more information on load measuring equipment or rigging equipment. Talk to our experts today to see how we can help.