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With Holloway's world-class testing facility, we provide a comprehensive range of services that adhere to industry standards and manufacturer recommendations. We configure these services to meet the specific requirements of our valued customers.

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Water Bag Proof Load Testing


Solid Weight Proof Load Testing

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Holloway Provides Turnkey Services for  Multiple Applications

Are you looking for customized turnkey services for your unique rigging and lifting applications? Your search ends here. Holloway can offer you nothing but the best solutions, thanks to its advanced load measuring equipment and practical knowledge.

Our turnkey services include

Force Measurement

Get precise and reliable force measurements for many technical and industrial applications.

Tension Measuring

Obtain tensions measuring with the highest accuracy for all your rigging and lifting projects in one place.

Onboard Weighing

Weigh loads directly with our advanced onboard weighing solutions tailored to your rigging and lifting specifications.

Center of Gravity Calculations

Accurately measure the Center of Gravity (CoG) for your rigging applications with the help of our experts.

Calibration Services

Calibrate your lifting equipment to the prescribed industry standards hassle-free.

Specialty Weighing and More

Do you need specialty weighing or specific turnkey services? Give us a call now.

Service That Starts Out Right

Based in Houston, TX, Holloway prides  itself in serving the best quality lifting and  rigging equipment and services. We have  served hundreds of clients from different  industries for more than 40 years. Our  excellent customer service helps differentiate us from our competitors. That’s  why our customers keep coming back for  specialized services and products.


So, when you work with Holloway, you will get the following benefits:
  • repairDiscussion your lifting and rigging requirements to get everything in order from the get-go.
  • repairGet support any time you need until your project gets finished.
  • repairRecommendation of the best and the most economical solutions for your project(s).
Our experts at Holloway Rental Services will ensure you get the exact lifting and rigging equipment you need when needed. Plus, we test and maintain our rentals to the highest standards, so rest assured you’re always working with the safest gear. Contact us today to see how renting from Holloway can protect your crew and improve your bottom line! Get A Quote Now!