Proof load testing is necessary to determine the load-bearing capacity of a lifting and rigging structure or equipment. With this test, your rigging hardware can meet the safety standards laid down by OSHA.

Solid weight proof load testing is a subset of proof load testing, where you can use solid load test weights. It is often referred to as the traditional proof load testing method.

We have calibrated equipment and trained staff to ensure thorough solid weight-proof load testing. Our testing can help you ensure safe operations, prevent potential workplace accidents, and also save money in the long run.

Solid Weight Proof Load Testing Applications

Get the most accurate solid weight-proof load testing. We use stackable steel or cast iron weights. They are suitable for testing a wide range of lifting and rigging hardware. These weights can range in size from several pounds to 100 tons.

We use solid weight-proof load testing for the following equipment/structures.

1. Jumper Bars

Get the best-in-class solid weight-proof load testing for jumper bars. Our well-trained technicians ensure precise testing for rigging structures involving jumper bars. Talk to our experts for details.

2. Man-Lifts

Reach new heights safely with our solid weight-proof load testing for man-lifts. We are equipped for load testing the strength and durability of your man lifts. Our experts can help with the details.

3. Mobile Cranes

Get well-optimized solid weight-proof load testing for mobile cranes. Make sure your mobile cranes never fail during an application, keeping your crew and the load safe.

4. Maritime Cranes

Ensure smooth solid weight proof load testing for maritime cranes. Work with trained technicians who have done load testing for maritime cranes of varying sizes. Call us now!

5. Overhead Cranes

Do you need solid weight-proof load testing for overhead cranes? We can help you identify the strength and durability of your overhead cranes. Call us for more details.

6. Spreader Beams

Assess the strength and durability of your spreader beams with the help of our trained technicians. We provide state-of-the-art solid weight-proof load testing for spreader beams. Try it now!

7. Special Heavy Lift Equipment

Identify the true strength of your special heavy lift equipment accurately. Our solid weight-proof load testing services include customized solutions for special heavy lift equipment.

Holloway’s Solid Weight Proof Load Testing Services Includes the Following

Get a wide range of rigging accessories – all under one roof. There is no need to check with multiple vendors to meet your rigging and lifting needs. Call us to place your order.

1. Supplementary Rigging Accessories

Holloway offers a comprehensive range of solid weight-proof load testing. But that’s not the only defining feature of what we do. Our thoroughness and experience have won customers across industries. When you work with us, you are in for 360-degree professional proof load testing services and more!

2. Offshore Transport

Is your rigging structure located offshore? No need to worry. Whether your crane is located offshore, in a shipyard, near a port, or at a power plant, we can get the load testing done correctly – the first time.

3. In-House Technical Support

Get solid weight-proof load testing specifications approved by licensed in-house technicians to achieve your test objectives. Plus, ensure in-house technical support when and where you need it.

4. Calibrated Equipment

Identify the specification of rigging components using only calibrated equipment. Our technicians use advanced solid weight-proof load testing systems to ensure accurate results.

5. Certified Load Testing

Get certification of solid weight proof load testing adhering to ASTM E-4 specifications. Talk to our experts to understand how we can help you.

6. Turnkey Solutions

Rent load test weights as per your requirements. We also provide turnkey services for solid weight-proof load testing. Get in touch for details.

Contact Us to Know More About Solid Proof Load Testing Services

Whether you want to load test jumper bars or overhead cranes, your search for solid weight-proof load testing ends here. We can help you load test a wide range of rigging and lifting hardware be it located offshore, in a shipyard, port, or power plant. Our trained, certified in-house experts will ensure accurate test results as per the required specifications.

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Available in 100 tons or less, the baskets can be used in tandem for heavier lifts