Inspection & Repair 

Holloway Testing and Repair division offers a full range of inspections, repairs, and testing on a wide variety of equipment. We also service most types of lifting equipment including chains, slings, plate clamps, chain falls, come-alongs, load cells, blocks, and more.

Comprehensive NDT Services: Ensuring Product Integrity and Safety


Holloway’s certified and experienced technicians perform visual inspections and other nondestructive testing on shackles, blocks, elevator links, pad eyes, spreader bars and many other products assemblies.


Holloway also provides annual or semi-annual inspections and recertification in accordance with applicable regulatory agency and company guidelines.


Magnetic Particle Testing, MPT, is a relatively simple test method that can be applied to finished articles, hot rolled bars, castings and forgings. It can also be used to check that the processing operations, such as heat treating and machining and grinding, did not uncover or cause discontinuities.


Because magnetization of certain metals is possible, small particles that are attracted to magnetic fields are applied to the surface of the test object after or during induction of a magnetic field, thereby detecting certain discontinuities (variations in material composition) economically. While one of the most used nondestructive testing methods, magnetic particle testing is limited to disclosing surface or near to the surface indications.


NDT Inspectors maintain Level II certifications in accordance with SNTTC-1A standard.

Our further Lifting Inspection & Repairing include

  • repairIn-house machining and fabrication services.
  • repairIn-house sandblasting.
  • repairIn-house welding by experienced, certified welders.
  • repairLiquid penetrant testing.
  • repairPad eye visual inspection & proof testing.
  • repairSling inspection and re-certification.
  • repairUltrasonic testing.
  • repairWet or dry magnetic particle inspection (MPI).

Importance of inspect and repair lifting equipment

Lifting equipment is subject to wear and tear over time, and it is important to inspect it regularly to identify any potential problems. This can help to prevent accidents and injuries, and it can also extend the life of your equipment.

Holloway Houston is the official authorized service and repair facility for

  • repairRenfroe Plate Clamps
  • repairGriphoist, Lug All Hoists
  • repairACCO Hoists
  • repairScotload load cells
  • repairA2-B, load cells
  • repairMSI and 3b6 Load Cells
  • repairDynafor load cells