At Holloway, we understand the importance of safe and reliable load testing equipment. That's why we offer an extensive range of cutting-edge load testing equipment, all of which is designed and certified by licensed professionals.

Cutting-Edge Load Testing Equipment, At Holloway

Load test different rigging and lifting structures with our load testing equipment. Holloway maintains an extensive range of cutting-edge load measurement equipment. All our equipment is designed and certified by licensed professionals.

You can choose from a large inventory of hydraulic jacks, load shackles, running line tensioners, anti-two block systems, and other load measuring equipment. Holloway provides the equipment and experience for Turnkey Services. And you can get these services at our shop or your site

Holloway Rentals and Turnkey Services

Get load cell testing equipment conferring to globally accepted engineering, safety, and operating standards. Our extensive equipment rental and turnkey services are suitable for load testing different rigging and lifting structures, ranging from the bridge and overhead cranes to man lifts and jumper bars.

Our rentals and turnkey services include the following.

Force Measurement

Get reliable force measurement solutions for your job site with our extensive range of load testing equipment. It’s designed, calibrated, and maintained by certified technicians with years of experience.

Tension Measuring

Accurate tension measuring was never so simple and quick. Rent high-quality load measurement equipment at cost-effective rates and with professional tech support. Check out our inventory now.

Onboard Weighing

Get turnkey solutions for onboard weighing of all commercial vehicles. With our load testing equipment, you get high-quality, high-accuracy measurements every time. Plus, enjoy tech support from industry experts.

Center of Gravity Calculations

Calculate the center of gravity for loads of all shapes and sizes with our well-calibrated load measurement equipment. We can offer customized solutions. Talk to our experts now.

Calibration Services

Get in-house and on-site calibration services for all your mechanical testing devices and lifting and rigging structures. Our experts can help you get the most out of your equipment. Try it now!

Specialty Weighing

Are you in need of specialty weighing? We have a range of load-testing equipment for specialty weighing. Just talk to our experts about your requirements to get a suitable solution.

Load Cell Testing

Rent our high-quality load cell equipment to load test bridge cranes, cargo handling cranes, dockside cranes, and other rigging and lifting gears

Load Measuring Equipment Holloway Utilizes for Load Testing

At Holloway, we use an extensive range of load testing equipment from leading manufacturers. They include well-known brands like Scotload, Tractel, Simplex, Enerpac, Robson, Straightpoint, and many more. You can rent the following load measuring equipment from us.

Load Cells

Easy to use, our load cells are suitable for a wide range of proof load testing applications. If you need a customized solution, feel free to reach out.

Load Shackles

We pride ourselves on using high-quality load shackles for all load testing and equipment calibration services. Whatever your requirements may be, we’ve got your back.

Hydraulic Jacks

Ideal for lifting heavy loads, vehicles, and load cells, we use high-end hydraulic jacks for in-house and on-site applications. Our experts will use suitable hydraulic jacks depending on your needs.

Capacity Limiters

Controlling the maximum load capacity becomes easy with our high-quality capacity limiters. These nifty instruments help us provide thorough load testing services.

Boom Angle Indicators

Helpful in preventing tip-over situations and resulting accidents, we use well-calibrated boom angle indicators. We typically use them in load testing equipment like aerial lifts, truck-mounted boom cranes, and fire trucks with a boom.

Load Moment Limiters

We use standardized, good-quality load moment limiters to sense overturning moments on the lifting and rigging equipment. These allow us to carry out onboard weighing and load testing in a safe manner.

Anti 2 Block Systems

Also called ATB devices, we use these to prevent two-blocking a crane when proof load testing. These good quality anti 2 block systems help prevent damage to the crane, the load, and the crew.

Running Line M

We use a variety of running lines with exceptional strength and minimal stretch. This ensures safe proof load testing, whether in-house or on-site.

Running Line Tensioners

Our experts use high-quality running line tensioners to monitor and save cable tension. It also helps us prevent potential damage and injuries.


Getting an accurate measurement of strain damage is easier when we use advanced strain-gauging devices. Talk to our experts for more details.

Load Measuring Equipment Calibration

We also provide load measuring equipment calibration. Optimize your load testing equipment with the help of our trained technicians.

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Load testing plays a critical role in ensuring safety and reducing the risk of expensive damage. And Holloway makes it easy to get the best of it by offering load testing equipment on a rent and turnkey basis. It’s probably the most cost-effective and practical alternative you have.

Are you looking for load testing equipment rentals and turnkey services? Holloway offers professional and custom rentals to rigging projects of all sizes and shapes. Call +1 888 496 4700 or fill out our online contact form now! You can also drop an email at wirerope@hollowayhouston.com

Our experts at Holloway Rental Services will ensure you get the exact lifting and rigging equipment you need when needed. Plus, we test and maintain our rentals to the highest standards, so rest assured you’re always working with the safest gear. Contact us today to see how renting from Holloway can protect your crew and improve your bottom line! Get A Quote Now!