Holloway Technical Services | Your Source for Engineering Expertise in Lifting and Rigging

Discover Holloway Technical Services, your gateway to a team of experienced engineers and designers ready to support your project needs. Our in-house engineering professionals can assist you at every step, ensuring successful outcomes for your lifting and rigging endeavors.

Our Expertise at Your Service

Engineers On Staff: Benefit from our on-staff engineering expertise, including a dedicated Professional Engineer (PE), who is here to collaborate and guide you through your lifting and rigging projects.

Why Choose Holloway Technical Services?

  • Engineer-Driven Support:

    Our core strength lies in our engineering personnel. With their involvement, you can harness the insights and knowledge needed to overcome challenges and achieve your lifting and rigging goals.

  • Tailored Assistance:

    Our engineers are available to customize solutions that suit your specific project requirements, ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Holistic Perspective:

    Collaborating with our engineers brings a holistic perspective to your projects, leading to more informed decisions and optimized outcomes.

To delve deeper into the potential of Holloway Technical Services' engineering team, explore our website or contact us at wirerope@hollowayhouston.com. We're excited to address any inquiries and demonstrate how our skilled engineers can empower your lifting and rigging initiatives.