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Rigging Equipment

Where Are the Rigging Problems and How to Identify Them?

From manufacturing and construction to hospital management and medical care, you can find rigging equipment applications being used across various industries. Typically, certified professionals or licensed rigging companies use a variety of wire ropes, straps, hooks, and other rigging hardware along with cranes or other lifting equipment to move heavy objects, material or cargo
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Safe Rigging

Want Safer Rigging? Here’s 5 Ways to Do It

Rigging is one of the most demanding industrial processes. If often involves lifting and moving (sometimes dismantling) remarkably large objects such as concrete or steel pipes, structural steel elements, building materials, equipment, and even vehicles. As it requires you to use one or more cranes and several ropes, clamps or straps, pulleys, winches, cables, and chain hoists,
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material handling equipment

How to Improve Material Handling in Your Warehouse

Owing to the intense competition in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry, warehouses and Distribution Centers (DC) are often forced to work on slim margins. Further, the ever-increasing fuel and labor costs eat into those thin margins, often resulting in negligible profits or even losses.
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rigging gear

Safe Ways to Get Rid of Impaired Rigging Gear, Wire Rope, & Slings

Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports several rigging accidents on industrial sites due to the use of defective rigging gear, wire ropes, and slings. Most crane accidents can be prevented if the workers (commonly referred to as riggers) are trained in safe hoisting and rigging practices.
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hammerhead slings

Everything You Need to Know about Hammerhead Slings

The rigging industry uses various types of slings including chain slings, wire rope slings, metal mesh slings, web slings, and round slings. But, endless slings made from synthetic fibers have been the real game changers in providing a cost-effective and durable rigging solution. They have become one of the most popular types of slings today.
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rigging system

What Causes Rigging Systems to Fail and How to Overcome Those Issues

Rigging is the unsung hero of many heavy-duty industries including construction, engineering, and infrastructure. It involves using cranes, pulleys, webbing slings, wire rope slings, and winches for hoisting, lifting, pushing or pulling heavy loads safely. For example, in construction, they are used to lift heavy objects such as concrete or steel pipes...
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Man in hoody

Holloway Houston now an Elebia distributor

Holloway Houston, Inc. is always on the hunt to provide our clients with the most innovative technologies on the market. Recently, we teamed up with Elebia, the inventors of the patented automatic hook.
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new NY bridge project

Holloway Houston assists in the New NY Bridge Project

MORBAR Rigging Rentals. Holloway Houston’s MORBAR Spreader Bars and Rigging Rental division has a world-wide presence in the engineering, manufacturing, and assembly of spreader bars, wire rope slings and associated rigging. Holloway Houston's rental department assisted in the construction of the...
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Principal Stocking Distributor

William Hackett principal stocking distributor

William Hackett is a specialist provider of chain fittings, DNV links, subsea hoisting and load attachment products to the construction, transportation and oil and gas industries.The William Hackett product portfolio meets and exceeds the global standards set by ASME, DNV and NORSOK, which is why the HA...
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electronic online catalog

Holloway Houston update to electronic online catalog

Holloway Houston update to electronic online catalog. Holloway Houston announced several updates and additions to it's online electronic catalog this week, including some exciting news in the hoist and crane world, as well as general Rigging Training, product updates and revisions. Harrington Hoists catalogs download.
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