Now You Can Order DNV Tac Certified Wire Rope Slings from HHI

Different countries have different regulations when it comes to lifting and rigging equipment. That’s where universally accepted industry standards and certifications like DNV come in. Classification societies like these make it easier to build and distribute products that adhere to different industry and safety norms.

A. What is DNV TAC Certification?

DNV, which stands for Det Norske Veritas, is a Norway-based classification society. After merging with Germanischer Lloyd (GL) in September 2013, it became the largest classification society in the world.

Now it’s called DNV GL. However, people continue to use the old acronym DNV even today. DNV develops and maintains various standards for offshore, maritime, energy, and oil & gas industries.

B. The DNV Certification

At Holloway Houston, we have obtained two of the most important DNV Type Approvals:

DNVGL – 2.7-1 Type Approval Certification

DNVGL – 2.7-3 Type Approval Certification

Holloway Houston assembles all of its offshore wire rope slings per the manufacturing and shipping standards laid down by the DNV quality management approved system. It involves thorough inspection and vetting required to ensure excellent wire rope quality.

As a result, each component of our wire rope slings is as per the specified strength, safety, and endurance requirements. In other words, when you purchase DNV certified wire ropes from Holloway Houston, you get nothing but the best quality lifting and rigging products.

C. A Step in the Direction of Safety

We know that wire rope slings are one of the critical components in offshore lifting and rigging operations. The safety of your cargo and crew depends on these slings. We assemble and distribute wire rope slings that live up to the design, manufacturing, testing, certification, and periodic inspection standards set by the DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-3 certificates.

In fact, both standards cover critical elements related to the safe lifting and handling of offshore containers and units using these wire rope slings. These standards help determine the safety issues concerning lifting and rigging operations between two floating vessels and between floating vessels and fixed or floating offshore units.

D. How to Get Your DNV Certified Wire Ropes Slings?

Given the broad scope of DNV certifications, Holloway Houston brings you the opportunity to purchase and use high-quality wire rope slings across continents risk-free. It offers you a critical advantage in an increasingly competitive global market. Moreover, we offer you a vast selection of wire rope slings, allowing you to meet all your lifting and rigging needs under one roof.

However, it is not possible for all products to get DNV TAC certification. When shopping with Holloway Houston be sure to talk to our experts. They will help you understand which products have this certification and help you find the ones that best fit your needs.

Bonus Tip: Additional Wire Rope Slings You Can Buy from Holloway Houston

Here are a few of our premium products that you can use in the oil fields, construction, OEM, aerospace, and other industries. Please remember, these slings are not always made with DNV TAC certification.

1. 3-Part EIPS Wire Rope Slings

One of the most popular EIPS wire rope lings offered by Holloway Houston, these are made to last. They are available in the sling body diameter range of 1-1/2” to 12”. The maximum vertical capacity is 660 tons. They have a design factor of 5:1, and we proof-test these for two times the working load limit.

2. 9-Part EIPS Wire Rope Slings

Available in the finished wire rope diameter range of 3” to 24”, these slings are best suited for heavy lifting and rigging applications. We assemble these slings by laying wire rope components continuously through both eyes and the sling body. We can also make these wire rope slings to desired specifications.

3. Bridle Slings

Holloway Houston offers three types of bridle slings. They include 2-leg bridle slings3-leg bridle slings, and 4-leg bridle slings.

All our bridle slings undergo rigorous proof-testing – twice the working load limit. They have a design factor of 5:1. And all master links are sized to accommodate heavy-duty thimbles. If thimbles are not required, a smaller master link may be appropriate.

4. Eye and Eye Slings

We offer a range of eye and eye wire rope slings. Extremely versatile, you can use these for vertical, choker, and basket hitches. These slings require fewer parts to assemble, making our eye and eye slings relatively cost-effective.

They have a design factor of 5:1. And we test every sling for two times the working load limit. However, you have to make appropriate reductions when angular lifting is involved.

5. High-Capacity Low-Headroom Grommets

Our high-capacity low-headroom grommets are best suited for heavy-duty industrial lifting applications. You can use these grommets where you need extra flexibility, or traditional wire rope slings are too short.

Both phase one grommet (single part) and phase two grommet (two-part) have a design factor of 5:1 and working load limits in tons of 2000 lbs. We proof-test these grommets for twice the working load limits for enhanced safety. In addition to the given specifications, we also offer basket ratings upon request.

6. Pendant Lines (Socket Lines)

These specially fabricated wire rope assemblies are suitable for offshore and marine applications. All of our specifications are based on EIPS. However, EEIPS based specifications are also available upon request. We proof-tested all assemblies to 40% of catalog breaking strength. For details, you can talk to one of our experts.

Wrap Up

Holloway Houston is an industrial hardware distributor and supplier well-known for its professional service, transparency, and high-quality products. The DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-3 certificate offers us the opportunity to take this trust a step further. Now, you can order DNV TAC-certified wire rope slings with ease.

If you need more information or want to place your order, schedule a call with our experts. Fill out our online contact form or call +1 713 674 5631 today.