Everything You Need to Know About Hammerhead Slings

Everything You Need to Know About Hammerhead Slings

The rigging industry uses various types of slings including chain slings, wire rope slings, metal mesh slings, web slings, and round slings. But, endless slings made from synthetic fibers have been the real game changers in providing a cost-effective and durable rigging solution. They have become one of the most popular types of slings today.

Holloway Houston has introduced Hammerhead Endless Slings produced from the highest quality Plasma 12-Strand. High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) is the core ingredient of Plasma 12-Strand. HMPE boasts the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic made today owing to its extremely long chains.

Let’s dig a little deeper into why, when and how you should use Hammerhead Endless Slings.

A. What are Hammerhead Endless Slings?

Made from HMPE, we use Cortland’s patented re-crystallization process to strengthen our Hammerhead Endless Slings further. We also use abrasion-resistant FiberLock coating to cover each sling, ensuring higher tolerance towards abrasion. You also get the option to customize the abrasion-resistance cover using fibers such as Spectra, Technora, and Kevlar. Each sling is proof loaded with certification.

B. Why Should You Use It?

Here are some of the benefits that a Hammerhead Endless Sling can offer:

1) Low Stretch:

They have lower stretch value compared to its other counterparts. So, when used in a choker hitch, the chances of the sling locking up are quite negligible.

2) Easy to Use:

Being pliable and lightweight compared to steel slings, Hammerhead Endless Slings offer unmatched rigging efficiency. They are also easy to store. Though the chock is tight, you can release it readily after use. Because they’re lightweight, you can comfortably and safely move them around. They also come with color-coded weight capacities, making them extremely easy-to-use.

3) Durability:

HMPE fiber is highly resistant to mildew and rots owing to its water-repellant properties. The protective non-abrasive layer also keeps harmful elements such as dirt, grease, and oil from causing damage to the sling. You can also change the load contact point with each application to extend its life further.

4) Ensures Safety:

Lightweight material often means more safety during handling. As there is no loss of strength from abrasion and a tighter grip around all types of loads, using Hammerhead Endless Slings is safer than ever.

5) Pliability:

The flexible nature of Hammerhead Endless Slings allows you to use them to lift loads with uneven contours. The pliable nature also makes it easier to lift loads with varying sizes and shapes. Thus, you can use these slings in vertical, choker, or basket hitches for a variety of load lifting applications.

6) Cost-Effective:

Hammerhead Endless Slings typically offer a more cost-effective solution compared to their metal counterparts. They are also low-maintenance.

C. Inspection and Usage Warnings

  • Avoid using the slings if the abrasive cover is damaged and exposes the core HMPE yarns.
  • Remove from active service, if you see any holes, tears, snags or any other visible abrasions.
  • Also, discontinue use if you see visible signs of chemical damage such as melting or charring.
  • Never attach more load than the prescribed capacity. Discontinue use if the capacity tags are missing or illegible.
  • Hammerhead Endless Slings, like most synthetic slings, have low shock tolerance. So, you shouldn’t use them in shock loading situations.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, Hammerhead Endless Slings come with various advantages that are too good to be ignored. You can use these slings in various rigging applications requiring vertical, choker or even basket hitches. If you have specific queries or doubts about Hammerhead Endless Slings or any other rigging-related problem, let us know in your comments below. We will be happy to help you out.