Holloway Hammerhead Slings | HH-16-EPC | Red | 16900 lbs. WLL

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Holloway Houston introduces our Hammerhead Endless Slings. They are produced using the highest strength synthetic rope, Plasma.


The Hammerhead Slings HH-16-EPC, a radical lifting solution in bold red, combines excellent strength, exceptional flexibility, and unwavering durability to meet the diverse needs of professionals across various industries. Engineered with cutting-edge Plasma 12-Strand rope, the HH-16-EPC boasts an impressive work load limit, exceeding the capabilities of traditional slings. It's braided Polyester cover and abrasion-resistant FiberLock coating combined offer exceptional protection against wear and tear. This make sures the HH-16-EPC remains reliable and resilient in any environment, facing any challenge with confidence.

Available in a different sizes, the Hammerhead Slings HH-16-EPC allows you to choose the perfect fit for your specific lifting needs.
This level of versatility makes the HH-16-EPC an indispensable tool for any professional's toolbox.
The bold red color adds a touch of visual clarity and professionalism to your work environment.

Safety and Responsible:

We are Prioritized your safety, the Hammerhead Slings HH-16-EPC is certified and proof loaded. Designed with a minimum D/d of 2:1 (recommended 3:1 D/d for extended lifespan) and backed by a 5:1 factor of safety, you can rest assured your lifting tasks are handled with confidence.
The Hammerhead Slings HH-16-EPC is more than just a lifting tool; it's a testament to innovative engineering and exceptional performance. Choose the HH-16-EPC and upgrade your lifting experience to new heights, exceeding even the most demanding requirements.
Order your Hammerhead Slings HH-16-EPC today and unlock the power of superior strength, flexibility, and durability in a vibrant red package!

More Information
Weight 0.000000
Manufacturer Holloway
Color Red
Vertical Capacity 16900
Vertical Basket 33900
Choker Capacity 13500
Rope Dia 5/8"
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