Holloway Hammerhead Slings | HH-18-EPC | Blue | 22600 lbs. WLL

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Holloway Houston introduces our Hammerhead Endless Slings. They are produced using the highest strength synthetic rope, Plasma.


The Hammerhead Slings HH-18-EPC is a game-changer in lifting solution to conquer even the most demanding tasks with efficiently. This sling in a striking blue color, is designed to deliver grate strength, reliability, and versatility. Made with latest Plasma 12-strand rope technology, the HH-18-EPC surpasses the strength and durability of traditional slings. These slings impressive work load limit can help you to handle heavy loads effortlessly, making it the perfect companion for professionals in different industries.

The Hammerhead Slings HH-18-EPC is available in different sizes, so, you can select the perfect fit for your lifting needs. Its endless design avoids the need for complicated rigging, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you're working in tight spaces or open environments, this sling's flexibility and ease of handling make it the ideal companion for any lifting task.

Holloway's Hammerhead Slings HH-18-EPC are certified and proof loaded, So, you can perform the lifting tasks with confidence. With a minimum D/d of 2:1 (recommended 3:1 D/d) and backed by a 5:1 factor of safety, this sling is engineered to withstand rigorous testing and usage, guaranteeing reliable performance every time.

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Weight 0.000000
Manufacturer Holloway
Color Blue
Vertical Capacity 22600
Vertical Basket 45200
Choker Capacity 18000
Rope Dia 3/4"
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