Use of Wire Rope Slings in the Manufacturing Industry

Wire rope slings are an important piece of  rigging hardware used in lifting and hoisting operations and  are commonly used across different industries. These slings connect the load to the lifting device and are available in a wide range of configurations that support a broad range of applications. These configurations include single and multi-part slings (such as round braids, flat braids, Tri-Flex and cable laid slings), grommets, single leg slings, multiple leg bridles, and a wide variety of fittings and attachments.

Wire rope slings are widely preferred for heavy load lifting operations, which are a part and parcel of activities on  construction sites, shipyards, marine industry and many others. It is an important rigging component in the manufacturing industry as well as it requires a lot of heavy duty shifting and loading of heavy objects. These loads may vary in shape and size depending upon the manufacturing activity they are being used for. The manufacturing sector is closely related to engineering and industrial design, but it also includes a wide range of activities such as production, packing and sales of finished products and many others. The selection of proper wire rope slings depends on the application of the sling in any one of these activities.

The Design of Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope sling categories are generally named after the design of the wire rope and how many wires make up a strand and how many strands are wrapped around its core: a 6×19 wire rope is made from 6 strands of 19 wires; a 6×37 wire rope is a 6 strand rope made of 37 wires.

There are different types of slings used in the manufacturing industry. Some of these slings include:

Eye & Eye Slings

Typically used in choker, basket and vertical hitches, the oval “eye” at each end gives the sling its name. The eyes are formed using a Flemish eye splice and are secured with a carbon steel sleeve. These rope slings are rugged and reliable and a very popular choice because of their versatility .

Bridle slings

There are mainly three types of bridle slings available; 2 , 3 and 4 legged bridle slings. These are designed for general lifting purposes where they are directly connected to the load by hooking into lifting eyes or placing these loops over projections. Their design make them a great pick for handling loads with fixed lifting points.

Nine-part slings

Nine-part slings are particularly effective with heavy and large loads because the weight is distributed evenly amongst all nine parts of the sling’s body. The construction of a nine-part sling also allows for easy inspection of the wire rope, which is crucial when reusing the sling for multiple loads.

These are used in heavy duty loading activities in the manufacturing industry.

Multi-part wire rope sling

A multi-part wire rope sling works well with single loads of moderate weight . These slings are also made of braided wire rope that helps distribute the weight equally across the sling body. Multi-part slings are flexible, fairly strong and durable

End note

Wire rope slings are  an important part of  rigging equipment and therefore should be picked with care. The use of inappropriate sling/s can  imbalance loading and lead to the collapse of the rigging structure.