The Best Rigging Hardware of 2020

The Best Rigging Hardware of 2020

Every year, the rigging industry welcomes updated equipment and new tools that improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability. If you’re like us, you’re always on the hunt for the best quality when it comes to rigging hardware. New products make our jobs – and our lives – easier.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best rigging hardware of the year. These are the equipment items that are improving our industry on a regular basis and assisting with rigging projects in various fields, from marine construction to logging and excavation.

Without further ado, here are the top thirteen rigging hardware items of 2020.

1. Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain

If you’re creating tow chains, logging chains, or even the occasional binding chain, you’re likely relying on Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain. These aren’t meant to be used in the overhead lifting and are made of standard commercial-grade quality.

Although these are used in heavy-duty situations, they’re considered to be one of the least strong chains used in rigging. However, they’re extremely versatile and serve as an excellent general-purpose carbon steel chain for a variety of needs.

2. The Crosby Eliminator

This adjustable chain sling has fewer components than many of its competitors. It eliminates a great deal of the required fittings called for by other rigging hardware and no extra tag is needed when using an electronic inspection system.

The Crosby Eliminator two-piece design allows for maximum flexibility. Additionally, the hinged design prevents bending when fitted against a curved object, and the same bail fits either single or double hooks.

Coming from a brand that has long set the standard for rigging equipment quality, this premium sling rigging device is making waves due to its versatility and ease of use.

3. Grade 100 Alloy Chain

This year, we’ve started to see many job sites turn to Grade 100 alloy chains, which provides up to 35 percent higher working load limits than the Grade 80 chain. It’s suitable for overhead lifting but does have some limitations in lower ambient temperatures.

A Grade 100 Alloy Chain has a tensile strength that’s up to double the strength of ordinary steel. You’ll experience more working power (WLL) but a smaller diameter chain. Another bonus is that Grade 100 often experiences less wear due to its hardness and durability.

This is pretty much the strongest chain out there in 2020. If you need extreme strength for overhead lifting, you’ve likely already turned to the Grade 100 Alloy Chain.

4. Crosby McKissick Blocks

To no one’s surprise, another Crosby product graces our list. These McKissick Blocks encompass a number of hook blocks and retention systems. Their capacity ranges from 5 to 300 tons, and even larger models are available for special circumstances.

All of these hooks are made of genuine Crosby forged alloy steel that is quenched and tempered. The Single Sheave Super Snatch Blocks from the McKissick line are now considered the toughest option for any rigging system in 2020.

5. Grade 40 High Test Chain

This particular chain level offers excellent strength and resistance to wear, especially when compared to general utility steel. You’ll usually see the Grade 40 used for agriculture and construction with high workloads nowadays.

Wondering why someone would get a Grade 40 chain when they could get a Grade 120 with crazy amounts of strength? Keep in mind that this chain can easily pull large loads in binding, logging, towing, and more.

6. Western & Marine Blocks

Western and Marine Blocks, another product line from the ever-popular Crosby Group, are steel blocks designed for latching on Manila Rope. The blocks are built to bear heavy loads of synthetic fiber ropes.

The cool thing about these blocks in terms of rigging?

They now allow you to use a smaller size rope (and are smaller blocks), which provides teams with capacities that were previously impossible. New innovations are allowing us to get more out of our equipment – without having to size up.

7. Grade 80 Alloy Chain

We’ve mentioned several grades of chains on this list of rigging hardware, but let’s not forget the Grade 80. This alloy chain is rugged and strong, and yet it’s considered low-weight. It has a tensile strength of twice that of ordinary steel, and it’s approved for peerless overhead lifting.

Typically, you’ll see this versatile rigging chain used in different kinds of overhead lifting applications. It’s able to absorb energy extremely well, making it safe and strong for these kinds of projects.

8. Crosby IP Clamps

Crosby has a long list of lifting clamps that are essential to many rigging sites today. The IP line of clamps are available in capacities of 5 to 30 metric tons and can have higher working load limits upon request. They allow for a full turning range, making movement simple and easy.

Generally, these are used when lifting, turning, moving, or vertically transferring sheets, plates, or fabrications from horizontal to vertical.

These specific clamps are heralded for their ease of use and reliability, but at this point, we expect nothing less from Crosby.

9. Nylon Lifting Slings

Although these kinds of lifting slings are durable and can bear extremely heavy loads, they don’t stretch as much as one would think. They can bear vertical loads of up to 6,4000 pounds, choker holds of 5,100 lbs. and 12,800 pounds in basket holds.

Nylon lifting slings are now made with dyed orange safety materials and specialty formulated thermal printing so that you can easily read weight limits and serial codes. They might seem like a simple product, but they are used by rigging companies around the world and continue to improve in terms of safety and usability.

10. HMPE Rope

At Holloway Houston, our rope division has created a synthetic rope that can be customized for specific situations, such as offshore exploration and drilling, aviation, shipping, and tug/barge. For instance, we created the Cortland Puget Sound “Plasma” patented rope, which has a tensile strength of up to 3.4 million pounds in grommet configuration.

When you’re working in the rigging industry, you need ropes that are as strong as they are durable. Our ropes can replace wire ropes, adding immense strength.

11. Van Beest Shackles

Van Beest has been producing high tensile shackles for almost a century, and they’ve really turned a corner with their improved shackles in recent years. After acquiring EXCEL in 2007, Van Beest began to produce everything you need in grade 10 in or stainless steel.

The company’s shackles are the result of worldwide requirements, and all comply with a range of internationally recognized standards.

12. Elebia Automatic Hook

This smart lifting solution allows you to remotely attach and release any load with no handling. Considered to be a part of the engineering of tomorrow, this hook is faster, safer, and more productive than previous hooks. Not only does it increase the overall efficiency of your worksite, but it also promotes better operator safety and minimizes common risks.

13. SS-L5 QP Subsea Lever Hoist

This hoist has been a total gamechanger for offshore and subsea lifting projects in 2020. It offers some of the highest levels of safety and performance in the world with its new quad pawl mechanism, which helps prevent spring failures.

The SSL5’s dual-action brake mechanism and intelligent inertia capability make it safe for both subsea and topside applications, and it’s surprisingly lightweight considering its design. It even reduces the number of hoists needed on a mobilization, which results in fewer single-immersion hoists being decommissioned afterward.

In Conclusion

We’ll continue to see improvements and changes in rigging hardware over the years, but for now, the items on this list are some of the best on the market. They’re used globally and seem to be pointing us toward an ever-evolving rigging industry.

What new equipment do you expect to see in 2020 and beyond? Do you see things getting stronger? Lasting longer? Bearing heavier loads? Let us know!

For all of your current rigging needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Holloway Houston. We offer the best wire ropes, chains, clamps, and other must-have rigging equipment. We’ll ensure that the products you’re selecting are the ones best suited to your job site and specific situation. We can even help you customize certain products to your needs.