Work Safety Should Be the Primary Focus of Rigging Companies

The top priority of rigging companies involved in rigging operations on construction sites, oil and gas sectors or somewhere else should be on ensuring the safety of their operations. The reasoning behind it is very simple; any laxity shown in the safe use of rigging equipment can lead to catastrophic results. In a worst case scenario, it can lead to workplace fatalities.
So what are the various factors that need to be considered to improve the safe use of rigging equipment, so that the immediate safety of people working in and around the rigging equipment is not compromised?

Choosing the Right Rigging Equipment

One might think that picking the right kind of rigging equipment for a particular onsite application is something that nobody goes wrong with. But, the use of the right equipment shouldn’t be taken for granted and an effort must be made to make the right choice. The first parameter that must be considered is the load bearing capacity of the equipment in question. All rigging activities involve the lifting of heavy loads and moving them from one location to another. This lies at heart of every rigging activity. This is why it’s important you’re able to pick rigging equipment that has a rated load capacity aligned with the needs of the activity. Choosing the wrong equipment can lead to serious accidents.

The Need for Safety Consciousness

All personnel working with rigging equipment must have a heightened sense of safety consciousness. This not just includes knowing very clearly about the do’s and don’ts of using rigging equipment, but also developing a sense of gut feel when something is wrong. For e.g. if weather takes a turn for the worse and if a crane operator believes it is affecting the load bearing capacity of the crane, although the indications are not very clearly seen, they must stop the rigging activity immediately. Such safety consciousness comes from experience and a thorough knowledge of all safety standards that must be considered while using rigging equipment. This is also the reason why only experienced personnel must be in charge of sensitive equipment that needs a high degree of expert handling.

Work Safety Should be an Ongoing Concern

For all rigging companies, ensuring work safety is an ongoing job. It not only includes keeping the safety perspective in mind while actually using rigging equipment but also includes the maintenance and storage of this equipment. One of the common reasons for equipment like a wire rope or a wire rope sling giving out midway through rigging equipment is because it was irreparably damaged or it just wasn’t maintained properly. This could be because the people in charge of this equipment weren’t aware about the importance of lubricating such equipment periodically and checking it before use. The safe use of rigging equipment shouldn’t be a concern only when it is being used, but also when it is not being used.

Keeping these aspects in mind will definitely help rigging companies scale up their safety standards while taking charge of rigging applications.