Why Our Morbar Rigging Rentals is Your Best Alternative to Buying

Why Our Morbar Rigging Rentals is Your Best Alternative to Buying

From construction and shipping to mining and manufacturing, you need rigging equipment everywhere. Without it, you cannot build airplanes or move large shipments from one place to another. Rigging equipment comprises of simple objects like spreader bars and shackles to complex ones like cranes and robotic arms.

Furthermore, no two rigging applications are the same. So, buying brand new equipment for each operation is not only expensive, but also inconvenient. This why the trend of renting rigging equipment is on the rise. Keeping this increasing demand in mind, we have already set up MorBar, a spreader bars and rigging rental division, making it easier for you to find all types of rigging rentals.

Here are a few benefits that will tell you why our rigging rental service is a better alternative to buying the equipment:

1) Avoid Buying Costs Completely

One of the primary reasons you should choose our rigging rental division is to avoid initial purchase costs. While simple rigging equipment like wire ropes, shackles, and hooks are not expensive, buying an overhead crane or large alloy chain slings or steel wire ropes can put a dent in your pocket.

Buying new tools is also time-consuming as the complex rigging devices are not off-the-shelf products. As a result, you can’t buy new equipment every time a different project comes up. Renting or leasing equipment can help you avoid all this trouble and costs. Thus, you can better allocate your resources to strengthen your core business activities.

2) Lower Your Maintenance Costs

When you purchase any equipment, you have to bear the maintenance and repair costs. However, when you rent equipment like Houston MorBar spreader bars or wire rope slings or turnbuckles, these costs will come down significantly.

Usually, you have to pay for maintenance and repairs during the rental period only, not for the entire lifecycle. So, you don’t have to spend time and money on this extra maintenance. If required, the maintenance and repair costs will be included in your contract. Our engineers will take care of the rest while you can focus on your core rigging activities.

3) Requirement Specific Rentals

Are you moving an oddly shaped object? Do you want to work in extreme snowy or hot conditions? Do you have a remotely located construction site that needs special dismantlable cranes? You can get requirement-specific solutions across the globe through our rigging rental division. You can rent only the specific pieces of equipment required for a specific period.

Most importantly, you get the rigging equipment that’s made using the latest technology as we keep our stock updated. The equipment is also designed to meet the latest industry standards. So, your rigging project will not only comply with the latest regulations but also enjoy the convenience and speed that our rental division offers.

4) Resolve Storage-Related Issues

When you own equipment, you also have to take care of the storage. However, storing heavy rigging equipment and large cranes requires a lot of space and labor. Besides, improper storage can damage the tools, resulting in considerable losses and timeline delays.

With leasing, you can avoid these storage-related issues. You have to take care of the storage only during your rental period. You can also get a customized package where our rigging rental division will cover the storage for a fee. Thus, you can focus on your business.

5) Enjoy a Wide Range of Rentals

Another reason to get the rigging rentals from Holloway Houston is the wide range of rentals. These include:

  • Jumper Bar Rentals
  • Spreader Bar Rentals
  • Wire Rope Sling Rentals
  • Shackles up to 2000t Rentals
  • Swivel Rentals
  • Hook Rentals
  • Master Link Rentals
  • Turnbuckle Rentals
  • Personnel Basket Rentals
  • Skip Pan Rentals

You can save a considerable amount of downtime as all our systems are pre-rigged. Proof-tested to two times the Working Load Limit (WLL), our rigging spreader bars, and other tools are extremely safe to use.

Each lift includes a full rigging drawing for prior approval, and our nine-part slings undergo a thorough inspection under the full test load as well. You also get a complete set of rigging-related accessories such as slings, 150-ton rolling blocks, wide-body shackles, link plates, master links, and load measuring devices, among others. As we have a worldwide presence, you can avail of these services at almost any location globally.

Wrapping Up

Overall, renting rigging equipment comes with several advantages. Hopefully, going through these five primary benefits will encourage you to try leasing instead of buying for your upcoming projects. Renting is a particularly great option if you want to use the equipment occasionally. So, what do you think? Is leasing the best alternative for you? Tell us in the comments section or drop us an email to know more about our customized rental solutions.