Latest Developments in Rigging Hardware

The rigging process is an important element of any industry in the modern times. While this process is most adopted in the construction industry, many other factories and industries might also rely on its services from time to time.  Let us first strive to understand the intricacies that are involved in the process of rigging. Under this process, a mechanism is used to lift heavy objects and items from the ground level and place them at an elevated level. The objects or items, being lifted in the process, can be extremely heavy, and that is why rigging is an important part of the process. If there is a failure in the system, it might not just risk the cargo but also the lives of the workers, who are involved in the process.  Therefore, it is extremely critical that due care is exercised in the process.


Following are some of the new types of rigging hardware that are being used in the industry:


A turnbuckle is a device or a hardware that is used to adjust the length or even the tension of the ropes or wires. There are various types of ropes and wires that are used in the rigging process during the lifting of the objects or items. Therefore, a turnbuckle can ensure that varying weights are lifted with the right precision. Using the rope of the wrong length can lead to the failure of the rigging process.

Wedge Sockets

These sockets are used as the end attachments of the wire ropes. They have become popular in the recent times because of the fact that they are easy to install, and get easily dismantled too. However, one needs to employ the necessary precautions while making use of these wedge sockets. Firstly, they should match the size of the wire ropes that they are being used for. If there is any defect or any sign of wear and tear on the sockets, one should make it a point to closely inspect them or even replace them in the near future.

Wire Rope

The rigging industry might be incomplete without a wire rope. This is the rope that is responsible for lifting the heavy objects or equipments. It is important that they are of the right size and dimension. While there were various materials used in their manufacturing in the past, they are now mostly made using steel. They are used along with such equipments as cranes in lifting heavy objects.


This is generally used to connect two parts or hardware in a way that they can be easily rotated. In other words, this does not restrict their movement, but still ensures that they are fastened effectively.


There are many other types of hardware that are becoming prominent in the recent times. They include shackles, wire rope clips, wire rope sleeves, sling hooks, eye bolts, turnbuckles, door hooks, etc.

Hence, as displayed in this article, there are many new forms of hardware that have come to be used in the industry. You might utilize them as per your requirement.