Holloway’s 2016 Catalog is Now Available

Holloway Houston inc, (HHI) a worldwide leader in rigging and lifting solutions is pleased to announce the release of the company’s new 2016 products and services catalog.
The new catalog features a comprehensive overview of Holloway Houston’s diverse range of products, services and solutions, as well as highlighting some exciting new additions.

What’s new?

Training Focus

Rigging product users need information on the proper selection, inspection and use of rigging gear. In an effort to remain the world leader in this market, we continue to proactively invest in providing updated information. As part of that investment, we have increased our focus on providing rigging training seminars at NO COST to prospective and existing clients.

Hammerhead Slings

The HammerHead sling is Holloway Houston’s newest product offering in the HMPE High Performance Synthetic Sling category.  Due to the Plasma rope core, braided polyester jacket, and polypropylene coating, these heavy lift slings are the lightest weight per capacity sling available in the world today.  The polyester jacket protects the plasma rope from abrasion, and the polypropylene coating keeps, rocks, dirt, and other debris from finding its way into the load bearing rope, making this the toughest and longest lasting synthetic sling ever.  With available capacities in excess of 500,000 lbs, at approximately 14 percent of the weight of wire rope, and less than 1  percent stretch under load, these slings are allowing companies to reduce man hour costs, total hook loads, and injuries. Samples available upon request.

In Addition

Copies of the new catalog can be requested here.

About HHI

Holloway Houston Inc, is the leading supplier of superior lifting products and services to the energy and construction markets worldwide. HHI’s large inventories, quality manufacturing, value added services, testing facitlities, and state-of-the-art equipment combine to deliver end-to-end industrial lifting solutions.

Committed to quality in all we do, Holloway is ISO 9001:2000 – Certified and staffed by over 200 professionals dedicated to exceeding the needs of industrial lifting clients across the globe.