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Flat web, round, and endless slings are made from high-strength fibers, such as polyester and nylon. They are lightweight, flexible, and strong, ideal for various lifting applications. Synthetic slings are particularly useful for lifting delicate loads, as they are less likely to cause damage than others.

We offer a wide range of synthetic slings to meet the specific needs of our customers. If you need a synthetic sling that is not listed on our website, please contact us for a quote.

Holloway: Your Source for High-Quality Synthetic Slings

Holloway is a leading supplier of synthetic slings based in Houston, Texas. We offer a wide range of synthetic slings to meet the specific needs of our customers, including flat web slings, round slings, and endless slings. Our synthetic slings are made from high-strength fibers, such as polyester and nylon, and they are lightweight, flexible, and strong.

Some of our synthetic slings are made out of 12-Strand. This synthetic sling is particularly durable and resistant to abrasion, making it ideal for harsh environments.

Holloway is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality synthetic slings and rigging equipment. We are a trusted and reliable source for synthetic slings, and we offer our customers a variety of benefits, including competitive prices, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

Lightweight Synthetic Slings at Holloway

Shop for a wide range of lightweight rigging slings that can withstand arduous loads at Holloway. We maintain a consistent quality, so you never end up with a malfunctioning synthetic sling. Our custom sling fabrication process relies on only high-quality raw materials.


Flat Web Slings

These nylon lifting slings are perfect for accessing awkward locations and working on broad load-bearing surfaces. They provide the smoothness and flexibility needed to lift fragile or delicate loads.


Silverback HHIperLift Slings

Proof-tested prior to shipping, our Silverback HHIperLift Slings can adapt to extreme work environments. Plus, they are exceptionally lightweight synthetic slings. But you can use them to handle loads ranging from 18 tons to 600 tons at a 5:1 ratio.


Round Slings

We fabricate these round slings by encasing the body of an endless sling within a heavy-duty tubular Cordura sleeve. As a result, these round slings offer extra protection and durability when lifting delicate but heavy loads.


Pipe Restraint Slings

Our Python pipe restraint slings are specially designed to control the piping. These synthetic slings reduce the risk of high-pressure pipe ruptures and potential injuries. They are also ergonomically designed, flexible, and lightweight.


HMPE Slings

Our HMPE slings are an excellent alternative to wire rope slings. They offer the highest strength, lowest stretch, and high flexibility. You can use these slings for vessel mooring, inland river barge, winch, and aerial retrieval lines.

Our Synthetic Slings Are Proof Tested

Holloway is committed to providing synthetic slings that operate at peak performance. That’s why we prove to proof-test all our synthetic web slings before shipping them out.

  • chain_1Proof-tested on computerized test beds calibrated to ASTM E4 standards.
  • chain_1Tests conducted under qualified and experienced staff.
  • chain_1Get synthetic slings that meet all the required industry standards.

Rest assured, you will get the best quality round and web slings from Holloway. In addition, we provide reliable after-sales and technical support to all our clients. Feel free to call our experts if you face any difficulties.

How to Order Synthetic Slings

Order the best quality synthetic slings now!

Ordering the best quality synthetic slings gets easier and faster if you know what to consider. Keep the following in mind when ordering round or web slings.

  • chain_1Before placing your order, decide whether you need web or round slings.
  • chain_1Check the rated capacity or working load limit. Do not exceed this limit.
  • chain_1Use high-heat-resistant slings for a high-heat environment. They can last longer.
  • chain_1Check the size and length to confirm the slings can handle the required load.
  • chain_1Buy edge guards or slings with an extra layer of protection, especially for delicate loads.

You can always reach out to our sales team for help. Being experts, they can provide you with a seamless shopping experience.

Have Questions About Synthetic Slings? We’re Here to Help

Still, trying to figure out how to buy synthetic slings?

Don’t worry! At Holloway, our experts will make your purchase experience hassle-free. We have a large inventory of industrial hardware, including synthetic slings. You can fulfill all your needs under one roof without breaking the bank. Get in touch with our experts to understand how we can help.

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