Flat Web slings

Holloway Flat Web Slings are a versatile and durable lifting solution suitable for a wide range of applications. Constructed from high-strength polyester or nylon webbing, these slings are available in various widths and thicknesses to accommodate different lifting needs. Additionally, Holloway slings can be customized with a variety of end fittings, such as loops, eyes, and hooks, to enhance their versatility and compatibility with different lifting equipment.

The working principle of Holloway Flat Web Slings revolves around their ability to evenly distribute the load across the entire width of the sling. This even distribution helps to minimize the risk of damage to both the load being lifted and the sling itself. To use the sling, it is placed securely around the load, and the end fittings are then fastened. Once properly secured, the sling can be lifted using a crane, hoist, or any other suitable lifting equipment, facilitating a safe and efficient lifting process.

When it comes to manufacturing, Holloway Flat Web Slings are crafted using high-strength polyester or nylon webbing materials. The webbing is carefully cut to the desired length and width, providing precision and consistency in the final product. The end fittings, which play a crucial role in attaching the sling to lifting equipment, are then securely affixed to the webbing using various methods, including sewing, welding, and crimping. After the manufacturing process, each sling undergoes a thorough inspection and testing procedure to maintain compliance with all relevant safety standards, guaranteeing the utmost quality and reliability.

Web Slings: The Versatile and Durable Lifting Solution

At Holloway, we take pride in manufacturing top-quality web slings designed to meet the diverse needs of heavy lifting applications. Our extensive range of web slings includes flat web slings, heavy-duty eye & eye web slings, and Type 3 & Type 4 EE web slings, all meticulously crafted with precision and durability in mind.

Material Excellence:

Our web slings are made from a selection of high-performance materials, including polyester. These materials are chosen for their exceptional strength, durability, and resilience, guaranteeing that our slings consistently meet and exceed industry standards.

Versatile Designs:

Holloway offers a wide array of web sling designs, with the most popular options being endless nylon slings and eye-and-eye lifting slings. Our endless slings allow users to rotate the sling connection and load contact points, enhancing flexibility during lifting operations. Eye-and-eye slings are available in flat eye or half twist eye designs, with half twist eyes optimized for efficient choker hitches. To extend the lifespan of our slings, all nylon and polyester sling eyes are meticulously wrapped with additional material at the bearing points, protecting against damage at the connection points.

Specialized Solutions:

For heavy-duty rigging needs, we provide a range of specialized options such as Reversed Eye slings and Wide Body Cargo slings. These slings offer versatility in various lifting configurations. Eye-and-Eye, Reversed Eye and Endless lifting straps can be used in three hitches are choker, vertical, and basket. However, it's important to note that Wide Body Cargo slings should exclusively be used in a basket hitch and never in choker or vertical hitch applications.

Stretch Characteristics:

Our heavy-duty nylon slings and straps are designed to offer desirable stretch characteristics, helping to reduce the impact of shock loading. Nylon slings typically stretch approximately 6-8% at their workload limit. For applications where minimal stretch and elongation are required, we also offer polyester slings, which exhibit roughly half the stretch of nylon lifting slings. In cases where polyester slings are unavailable, users can opt for nylon slings with larger capacities to minimize stretch as needed.

Diverse Configurations:

Holloway provides an extensive selection of web sling grades, styles, and heavy-duty configurations to suit various industrial, crane, and rigging requirements. Our sling webbing is available in both nylon and polyester materials, giving you the flexibility to choose the right material for your specific needs.

Enhanced Durability:

To address the challenges of abrasion, we offer Polyester Max Edge™ rigging slings, which feature a more durable edge. This extra coating on the edges of our industrial lifting slings enhances abrasion resistance, providing longevity without compromising safety.

Metal End Fittings:

For added reliability, we offer industrial rigging slings with metal end fittings, fabricated from alloy steel or aluminum materials. Choker Hardware slings allow for versatile use in all three hitches: choker, vertical, and basket, while Basket Hardware slings are ideal for vertical and basket hitches.

Tailored Solutions:

Responsible sling users understand the importance of selecting the right material and configuration for the mechanical and environmental factors encountered during lifting. Our polyester and nylon bridle sling assemblies are designed with single or multiple legs, facilitating efficient rigging of loads with fixed lifting points. We also offer master links, hooks, shackles, and subassemblies, allowing you to customize your rigging solutions to meet specific industrial rigging and material handling needs.

Holloway Company: Your Trusted Partner in Lifting Excellence

When it comes to lifting solutions, Holloway Company stands out as the industry leader, providing a comprehensive range of specialty slings, custom slings, and made-to-order slings. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and safety has made us the go-to choice for a diverse range of industries, including rail, mining, energy, wind, transportation, aerospace, manufacturing, crane, rigging and more.

Tailored Solutions for All Needs:

At Holloway, we understand that every lifting task is unique. That's why we offer a wide range of specialized products designed to meet the specific demands of various industries. Our extensive product line includes drum slings, gas cylinder slings, tool bags, remote release slings, adjustable slings, heavy-duty industrial tow straps, glass handling slings, and hose handling slings. If you can't find what you need on our website, our team of professionals is ready to design a custom sling assembly tailored to your exact specifications.


Quality Without Compromise:

At Holloway, we understand that all slings have their limitations. That's why we offer Silverback Slings as an alternative to traditional flat web slings. Silverback Slings are made from high-strength polyester webbing and feature a unique oversized triple cover with a parallel laid yarn inside. This construction makes Silverback Slings incredibly strong and durable, and it also allows them to be reshaped to fit perfectly on the load-bearing surfaces. Silverback Slings have a design factor of 5:1 (ultimate = 5 times rated load), which means they can lift loads that are much heavier than other slings of the same size. They're also available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, so you can find the perfect sling for your specific needs.

Commitment to Excellence:

Quality control is at the heart of our operations. Holloway's commitment to excellence is further exemplified by our successful registration audit, leading to registration by SAI Global for ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100B:2009, which attests to our adherence to quality management systems for aviation, space, and defense organizations. For us, excellence isn't just a goal; it's our standard.


Holloway: A Global Leader in Lifting Technology

At Holloway, we are committed to providing our customers with the safest, most reliable, and most innovative lifting solutions possible. For over 75 years, we have been designing, manufacturing, and distributing lifting equipment to businesses in a wide range of industries. Our lifting equipment is known for its quality, durability, and innovation. We use only the finest materials and construction techniques, and we invest heavily in research and development to maintain that our products meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We are also committed to safety. All of our products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards, and we offer a variety of training and support services to help our customers use our products safely and efficiently.

When you choose Holloway Company, you're choosing a partner dedicated to delivering excellence, innovation, and safety in every product we provide. Our commitment to quality, custom solutions, and active industry involvement sets us apart as a leader in the field of lifting and rigging equipment. Your lifting needs are our top priority, and we look forward to serving you with the highest quality products and expertise available in the market.