What Makes Crosby Clamps the Most Reliable Products?

What Makes Crosby Clamps the Most Reliable Products?

Whether you’re talking about building a zip line or attaching ropes for industrial construction, Crosby is a well-recognized name for all the products you’ll need. The Crosby Group has been building clamps, cast iron clips, shackles, and many other machine products for decades, and they’ve earned themselves a strong reputation!

Today, we want to talk to you about a particular Crosby rigging product: clamps.

These Crosby clamps sometimes referred to as cable stops or cable clips, are used to clamp down on wire rope during construction projects. In situations like these, you don’t need just any clamp – you need one with superior strength that you can trust to keep both projects and people secure.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes Crosby clamps safer and more reliable than many other clips on the market.

The Crosby Brand

First of all, we want to give you a little background into what makes the Crosby Group tick. After all, their products wouldn’t be what they are today without the brand’s strong history of quality and dedication.

For more than a century, Crosby has proven to be an innovative brand that uses current technology to advance how we handle construction. Every day, they dedicate themselves to their customers and to providing the best tools possible to every buyer.

As they state on their website, “When a contract reads ‘Crosby or equal,’ it’s not by accident, but instead based on the time-tested and work-proven Crosby Difference.”

Crosby isn’t just known for providing superior products. The group is also considered to be an “expert” in the field of rigging. They even have a video podcast where they answer questions and provide tips/tricks. They also offer guides and online training courses to help workers practice safe habits in the workplace.

Long story short – Crosby is a brand that’s known for its dedication to quality and expertise in the field. Therefore, it makes sense that their clamps and other products are heralded as some of the best on the market.

How Can You Identify a Crosby Clamp?

When you pick up a clamp to start using it, how can you make sure it’s a Crosby clamp?

Well, before you begin working with any clamp, you’ll want to conduct a necessary hardware inspection to determine exactly what kind of clip you’re working with and what its capabilities are.

It’s extremely important that you understand if you’re working with a Crosby clamp – you should not mix between different manufacturers if you can help it. Always complete a first load test to see how the clamp performs before adding extra weight.

Why Crosby Clamps Are the Best in the Industry

Although there are many manufacturers that produce clamps (or clips) for rigging needs, Crosby Group is among the most reliable manufacturers out there. Their dedication to excellence and extensive experience in the rigging industry, make them our number one choice – and they should be yours, too.

Don’t believe us?

Consider the fact that every Crosby product must meet four essential performance properties:

  • A clear “Working Load Limit” to indicate safe usage
  • Ductility, aka the ability to stretch and deform under pressure
  • A fatigue rating that indicates how long and how many times a product can be used
  • Toughness so you get the most out of your Crosby purchase

Almost all of Crosby’s products, including their clamps, are heat treated. That means they will deform if they’re overloaded, giving you a necessary warning before they fail. If you were to go with a brand that does not heat-treat their clamps, you could receive little to no warning before they break, jeopardizing the safety of your project and the people involved.

When Crosby Clamps Are the Most Ideal

In the simplest of terms, a wire rope clip or a rope clamp is used to fix the loose end of a loopback into the rope. Securing these loose ends is an essential part of safe rigging, and you need a strong, reliable product to help you do so.


There are many situations in which you might see Crosby rigging accessories. Sometimes, they are simply used to bundle, clip, clamp, or guide wires and cables. Other times, they’re a part of big installation projects that use cable systems.

We also see many cable clamps used in personal construction projects. They come in handy with home renovations and building, automotive projects, and many other situations. Construction companies are often the most in need of Crosby clamps for residential purposes.

Crosby clamps are also commonly used on rope courses, zip lines, and other applications in which rigging security is absolutely essential for safety reasons and legal compliance. You want those wire ropes to be clamped properly from the get-go, and you want to know the moment they show signs of strain or weakness.

No matter what rigging or lifting project you or your company has taken on, Crosby clamps are the way to go if you value quality and safety.

When Crosby Clamps Should NOT Be Used

There are a handful of situations in which we don’t recommend using Crosby clamps. For instance, you should not rely on these lifting accessories in rigging if:

  • The class of wire rope is not mentioned as one that the clip can handle
  • The clip size does not match the wire rope size as needed
  • You cannot prepare the wire rope end termination as instructed
  • You have not read the instructions thoroughly

Although Crosby clamps are extremely reliable and well-made, that doesn’t mean you can throw one on any lifting or rigging situation and call it a day. Understanding what kinds of loads the clamp can handle and when they should be used requires industrial knowledge.

If you’ve never worked with clamps or rigging hardware before, make sure you do a fair amount of research before beginning. Industrial workers have a wealth of experience to draw on to handle the project safely – if you don’t feel comfortable knowing when to use a Crosby clamp, ask for help from the experts.

In Conclusion

At Holloway Houston Inc., we never sell products that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We offer everything you need for your industrial lifting equipment needs, and we strive to combine quality products with state-of-the-art testing services of our own.

We don’t just take Crosby’s word for their quality – we test it ourselves at our world-class testing facility, and we’ve found that their clamps and clips are some of the best in the world. We view Crosby as the gold standard of rigging and lifting equipment, which is why we’re so quick to recommend their clamps and other products.

Hopefully, now that you know just what makes Crosby clamps so reliable, you’ll trust their products on your next project. Need some help choosing the right clamp for your particular needs? Don’t hesitate to reach out to an HHI expert today.