Using the Right Rigging Equipment Will Ensure Problem Free Lifting

How often have you said to yourself, “I wish I had the right rigging equipment.”, because the equipment you are using currently, is not delivering the results you want. Whether you are operating a transportation business, a moving company, or you manage a construction site or an oil rig, you will need the right kind of rigging equipment that allows you to complete all your lifting operations conveniently and in a perfectly hassle free manner. If you are using the wrong equipment, you aren’t just compromising the efficiency of the task it is used for, but also the safety of your work place. The wrong kind of equipment, can lead to some catastrophic accidents. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to choose the perfect rigging equipment.

Here’s how you can do that:

List out what you need

It all begins with identifying the various types of rigging tools that you need. The choice of rigging tools is determined by the task on hand. So first check whichtools from amongst wire ropes, slings, rollers, winches etc. you will need to accomplish your rigging task safely and conveniently. Take the help of experienced riggers to identify equipment that will satisfy all the requirements of your lifting task.The key to using proper rigging is first identifying the kind of equipment you need.

Working Load Limit

Pick equipment that conforms to acceptable WLL (Working Load Limit). So, first calculate the load that your equipment will be subject to, and choose equipment that can bear the pressure of this load. A working load limit is the maximum load that can be applied to a product for a safe and successful lifting operation. It’s important to remember all rigging equipment comes with a stamped load bearing capacity, but the operational environment as well as the condition of this equipment impacts this WLL. So, say a wire rope is being operated in heavy winds and also suffering from certain wear and tear issues, the maximum load weight that it can be subjected to, comes down substantially as compared to its WLL in normal conditions and if it’s not suffered any damage whatsoever.

Durability and Ease of Handling

Equipment used in rigging operations doesn’t come cheap, so you must pick equipment that is durable and can stand you in good stead for a very long time to come. This ensures you aren’t forced to buy new equipment regularly, and don’t waste a lot of money in doing so. One of the ways of ensuring your equipment meets the highest standards of durability is by buying it from the established names in the market. You need to pick equipment by manufacturers who are well-known for coming out with only the highest quality equipment. It’s also important you only buy equipment from a certified manufacturer of such equipment.

Something else that you need to ensure is picking equipment that isn’t difficult to handle. For this to happen, you need to take the help of somebody who is an experienced hand at using rigging equipment (this is of course, if you aren’t experienced enough)

Understand their safe use

An important aspect of getting rid of your lifting problems by choosing the right equipment is to understand the proper use of this equipment. For e.g. if you are using a wire rope sling, you need to make sure that it’s attached to the middle of the load, which is its center of gravity. This ensures the efficiency of the wire rope sling and also makes sure that the lifting operation is conducted safely.

If you take note of these points and make sure they are at the top of your minds while choosing rigging equipment, there is no doubt you will use the right equipment for problem free lifting.

Expert and Experienced Personnel Only

When you do pick the right equipment for you needs, you must also make sure that the right people are in charge of this equipment. You want people with in-depth expertise and experience in rigging operations to handle this equipment for you. At times, it is the improper use of this equipment or using unsafe rigging practices that causes damage and impacts its efficiency. So make sure you pick the right people for the job, the kind of people who know how to optimize the use of such equipment and who will also ensure that it’s used properly.

The right equipment and safe lifting process ensure trouble free rigging. But, what is also very important and something that you shouldn’t forget is the proper maintenance and storage of this equipment. If you want your equipment to perform with full functional efficiency, it’s necessary that you inspect it regularly, and make sure you take steps to maintain the efficiency of this equipment.