Rigging – Your Answer to Moving Heavy Loads Seamlessly!

When one wants to lift or move heavy objects typically anything between 1000 to 35000 pounds in weight, crating is out of question. So, what’s the alternative? Well, your answer lies in rigging. With it, one can easily shift and secure extremely heavy loads. When it comes to complex engineering work such as moving more than 20 heavy objects out of a building or similar other structure, rigging happens to be the most feasible and best option. Rigging basically is a way through which heavy including complex objects are secured and transported to another location. Rigging services are widely utilized by construction companies, museums, manufacturing plants and many more.

One of the main objectives of rigging is to ensure that the heavy object can be moved. What’s more, one also has to make sure that the object stays stable when in motion. The object can either be lifted using forklifts or moved using wooden/metal skids. Whatever be the case, these kinds of objects are secured to rigs with cables. These days, you will find many rigging companies in the market ready to offer professional rigging services at reasonable prices. So, if you want to move some heavy objects, considering one of these might be a great idea. Discussed below are some things you need to know about rigging.

  • Companies offer different types of rigging services ranging from basic, intermediate to advanced. You will have to choose the type of service depending on the kind of objects you intend to move.
  • Furthermore, whenever you decide to hire a rigging company for shifting bulky loads, make sure these have necessary license and certifications. Otherwise, the results can be disastrous.
  • Basic rigging services usually involve shifting industrial equipment, plant, machinery etc. If we talk about intermediate and advanced rigging, it can include anything right from moving building structures to dealing with demolition.
  • To carry out rigging in the most secured manner, services providers have to plan the entire process. For instance, while moving a 20-ton section cable of a bridge, riggers have to look at the structural composition of the place from where it is being carried including floor area. This would include finding whether the floor area can support such amount of weight. Next, the surrounding areas need to be considered. If a need arises, steel plates have to be used for floor protection. Advanced calculations have to be done regarding the kind of straps to be used for securing such heavy load.

Rigging is a complex operation and it’s best to leave this task for the experts. A rigger’s job does not end when the load has been shifted. It also needs to be transported to a pre-specified new location. The transportation process, itself, is quite challenging because one has to consider weather conditions, traffic etc. So, always rely on an experienced and renowned rigging company when it comes to shifting load.