The New Python Pipe Restraint Slings by HHI Lifting Are All Set to Make Waves

Over the years, industrial lifting equipment has played an increasingly critical role in various industries such as automobile, manufacturing, construction, logistics, oil and gas, mining, energy, and shipping. With the demand for increased automation and deeper penetration of the manufacturing industry in the developing world, the industrial lifting equipment sector has entered its golden era. According to a recent estimate, the global Industrial Lifting Equipment market is projected to grow by $21.4 billion by the year 2025.

As one of the leading suppliers of superior lifting products and services to various industries worldwide, Holloway Houston Inc (HHI) has been proudly delivering the highest-quality products and services. Apart from launching the largest load testing bed in the world, HHI has developed a forte in designing high-performance rigging and lifting products such as silverback slings and hammerhead slings.

Capitalizing on our knowledge base and industry experience, HHI has developed a new product in the synthetics category called Python Pipe Restraint Slings. Our company has always endeavored to come up with innovative solutions that help resolve the toughest challenges customers face. The new Python Pipe Restraint Slings are one more addition to a long list of such products and services offered by HHI so far.

With the launch of Python Pipe Restraint Slings, HHI aims to expand its synthetic slings product category further. HHI has a state-of-the-art research center, where the idea of new Python Pipe Restraint Slings was first conceived. The product came to life in HHI’s advanced manufacturing facility located at Houston, TX, USA.

Designed for Increased Safety

The new Python Pipe Restraint Slings are designed to provide you with maximum safety from the potential risk of pipe ruptures in high-pressure piping applications. Its durable and agile design allows you to secure a flow line with ease during pumping. These Holloway Houston pipe restraint slings can promptly restrain and limit the movement of high-pressure piping during failures.

The product is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Holloway Houston Guarantee

Produced responsibly and sustainably, the Python Pipe Restraint Slings are backed by the Holloway Houston guarantee for performance and durability. The product conforms to the necessary manufacturing standards and has all the relevant certifications.

Our products also undergo rigorous in-house testing as per the industry standards to ensure lasting efficiency and durability.

The slings have an adjustable loop ends. They come in different lengths. They are also color-coded and tagged as per industry standards. Being lightweight, they can be carried around easily. You can also use them in high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. They have considerable resistance against UV exposure, physical abrasion, and chemical exposure.

However, you should avoid using them for applications exceeding the rated working pressure (PSI) mentioned on each sling. You must also check each sling for physical damage before use. Using damaged pipe restraint slings can lead to fatal accidents.

Wrap Up

Holloway Houston has brought you yet another exceptional synthetic sling product to keep your staff safe when working with high-pressure piping. Our Python Pipe Restraint Slings are highly effective and durable. You can drop us an email at or call on +1 713-674-5631 to know more about them.