How to Choose the Right Kind of Wire Rope?

Wire rope is one of the most crucial equipments used in the industries today. As the name suggests, wire rope comprises of various wire strands compiled together to make a strong and durable wire rope. The early days’ wire rope was made up of rotten iron. However, as the expected level of quality standards raised, use of steel to make wire ropes became more prominent. Steel is more durable than iron, as it is comparatively not much affected by water and other materials.

The main feature of a wire rope is that it is made up of many strands of steel wires. This makes it stronger and more durable in any wear and tear conditions. Even if one strand of wire fails, the others strongly work towards holding the object as desired. Along with the wire ropes come the wire rope clamps. These are also popularly known as wire rope clips. It has a U-shaped bolt. This U-shaped bolt is used to join the loose end loop with the wire rope. It also has a forged saddle which is fixed with the help of two nuts on to the U-shaped bolt.

Since wire ropes are among the most critical equipments used today, it is important that they are bought through a diligent selection process. Here are some major considerations to have while selecting the right kind of wire rope:

  • The first and the foremost thing to do is to understand the requirement of the business. Identify the kind of object / material to be lifted. Also, find out the highest amount of weight that the wire rope needs to support. As this information is noted, prepare an evaluation process by listing the safety factors that need to be adhered to. Although the general safety factors are 4:1 or can go up to 5:1, in some cases they have reached to as high as 10:1 of the breaking strength of the wire used.
  • Once the safety factors are determined, the step after this will be to procure or manufacture the wire rope. For this, identify if the wire rope will be subjected to go through pulleys or any other equipment. If so, then the wire rope needs to be more flexible and also should be built as per the diameter that fits well with the equipment.
  • One also needs to consider the environmental factors, service life and expenditure before purchasing the wire rope. The expected life of the wire rope is generally around one to two years, depending on the usage. However, if the environmental conditions are severe, then the chances of wire rope breakages and failure simultaneously increase. Here are some conditions that can affect the durability of the wire rope:

 Using wire ropes in areas with high salt water or environment can cause early depreciation of the same.

 When wire ropes are being exposed to any kind of destructive chemicals, the service life reduces due to high wear and tear.

  • One of the other considerations is to decide if one wants coated wire ropes or not. If one wants to increase the presence of the size of the wire rope, then it can be coated. Other reasons of procuring a coated wire rope are the intention to protect from harmful substances that reduce the service cycle, reducing the harmful effects caused by the friction it goes through, for aesthetic reasons and others.