Holloway Houston, Inc.: We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Holloway Houston, Inc.: They’ll Do the Heavy Lifting for You

The Great Pyramids. Stonehenge. The Roman Colosseum.

All these massive undertakings involved the mechanical lifting of heavy objects for the purpose of erecting monuments. And they all took place thanks to various forms of rigging. This efficient method of construction equipment has been around nearly as long as civilization itself.

Where would industrialized societies be without the wonderful world of rigging? Crane rigging. Rigging hardware. Rigging equipment. The various beasts of burden have helped establish industrialized nations. They are quite essentially the very backbone of modern society!

Lifting. Pushing. Pulling. Hoisting. Whether by hand or with the use of heavy equipment, the business of moving objects from Point A to Point B has always created projects that needed some sort of assistance.

Since the early days of our simple chain and wire rope sales, Holloway Houston, Inc. (HHI) Lifting has been dedicated to the ongoing business of rigging. Based in Houston, Texas, we were founded in 1960. In addition to being a top provider of lifting and rigging equipment for sale and rental, we are a leader in the field of testing services in the oil and gas industry. Manufacturers from all parts of the country rely on Holloway for our wire rope, oilfield equipment, elevator links, blocks, tongs, sub-sea umbilicals, containers and other product testing needs.

Holloway’s services and products grease the wheels for all types of production. We’ve grown to become the largest single-location sling shop and testing complex in the U.S., making sure the workhorses of any large-scale lifting jobs (cranes, industrial slings, etc.) are thoroughly tested and ready to adhere to any safety and efficiency standards. Holloway offers a full range of inspections, repairs, and testing on a wide variety of equipment.

We also provide service on most types of lifting equipment, plus:

  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Wet, or Dry MPI, Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Pad Eye Visual Inspection & Proof Testing
  • Sling Inspection and Re-Certification
  • Sandblasting and welding
  • In House machining and fabrication services
  • Experienced certified welders

Experienced, certified technicians use their expertise to perform visual inspections and other nondestructive testing on shackles, blocks, elevator links, pad eyes, spreader bars and other products assemblies.

Holloway is the official authorized service and repair facility for:

  • Renfroe Plate Clamps
  • Griphoist, Lug All Hoists
  • ACCO Hoists
  • Dynafor load cells
  • Scotload load cells
  • A2-B, load cells
  • MSI and 3b6 Load Cells

In an industry filled with exacting choices, Holloway has pulled ahead as a leader in rigging equipment sales and rentals. Need fabrication? We also combine engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide a wide range of custom fabrication capabilities at competitive prices.

  • Containers
  • Spreader Bars
  • Lifting Beams
  • Lifting Frames
  • Lifting Links
  • R.O.V Hooks and Shackles
  • Specialty Lifting Equipment
  • Specialty Load Cells
  • T-Cups
  • Wire Rope Assemblies and much more

From testing, rentals, and fabrication to lifting services, Holloway Houston, Inc. is setting the standard in lifting solutions. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you.