HHI Re-launches HHI Perlift Spectra Slings as Silverback Slings

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Houston, TX – August 05, 2019 – Holloway Houston has always improved their products to meet the latest industry standards and performance specifications. So, re-launching HHIperlift Spectra Slings as Silverback Slings comes as no surprise for the lifting industry enthusiasts. Made using space-age raw-materials and advanced designing techniques, silverback slings are suitable for heavy lifting tools and appliances.

The new high capacity round slings have 40% more specific strength compared to aramid fibers. They also have higher saltwater resistance with no loss in lifting capacity after six months immersion and only 1%-2% loss after 12 months. The exceptional high-pressure resistance also makes them suitable for lifting and mooring in ultra-deep waters.

The silverback slings have a high contact rigging efficiency. The triple cover fibers with parallel laid yarn allow reshaping of the slings as per the load. They also offer a better contact of the lifting fiber with the pin, enabling the use of a smaller shackle.

Better than the HHIperlift spectra slings, silverback slings are also highly resistant to cuts, chemicals, vibration, shock, impact, and UV light. You also don’t need to use special equipment or work-rated ROVs to handle these slings as they are remarkably lightweight. They can maintain the required 3:1 D/d ratio.

Holloway Houston follows API-Q1 standards while designing, manufacturing, and testing the silverback slings. Made in America, silverback slings undergo rigorous fabrication and load testing at HHI’s Houston facility.

About HHI

Holloway Houston is a leading supplier and manufacturer of high-end and lifting products, services, and proof-load testing equipment. Known for its extensive inventories, advanced testing facilities, and quality manufacturing, Holloway is an ISO 9001:2000-certified company based in Houston, Texas. With more than 200 certified and experienced professionals, the company has consistently exceeded in delivering state-of-the-art industrial lifting solutions.