HHI Adds a New Feather in Their Cap by Launching the World’s Largest Load Testing Bed

Houston, TX – Jun 19, 2019 – Holloway Houston Inc., a leading supplier of lifting products and services in Houston, TX launched the world’s largest load testing bed today, causing quite a stir in the proof-load testing, break testing, and cycling testing industry.

Being one of the industry leaders in the lifting equipment sector, HHI understands the importance of rigorous proof-load testing. Thus HHI has built the world’s largest load testing bed with the testing capacity of up to 10,000 tons. This is one of the many efforts by HHI to bring the advanced testing equipment to meet the stringent safety and testing regulations for various industrial lifting products. The company had the world’s largest testbed of 5,000 tons capacity before which still continues to function. They also have a 3000 tons capacity testbed and more than 12 small testbeds available throughout the facility.

Already commissioned, the load testing bed is available at their sprawling Houston facility. The testing bed is specially designed to help verify engineering models, prototypes, calculations, and software specifications for various equipment built by industries like oil and gas, power and energy, marine, nuclear, manufacturing, petrochemicals, and mining. Along with the testing capacity of 10,000 tons, the proof-load testing bed has 12′ strokes.

The testing bed provides manufacturers with the ability to complete almost all the testing indoors, owing to its large capacity. The easy-to-handle controls allow users to set up testing parameters, determine the capacity of the equipment under inspection, and get the complete test report quickly. The advanced safety features incorporated in the testing bed design allow manufacturers to test their products under perfectly safe conditions.

About HHI

Holloway Houston Inc. is a leading supplier and manufacturer of high-end rigging and lifting products, services, and proof-load testing equipment. Known for its extensive inventories, advanced testing facilities, and quality manufacturing, Holloway is an ISO 9001:2015-certified company based in Houston, Texas. With more than 200 certified and experienced professionals, the company has consistently exceeded in delivering state-of-the-art industrial lifting solutions.