9 Traits You Must Look for When Choosing a Rigging Company

Choosing the right rigging equipment can make or break your overhead lifting project. Get reliable industrial lifting devices, and you will come out with flying colors. In contrast, low-quality products can lead to costly delays, damages, and a higher risk of fatalities.

An easy way to acquire quality rigging equipment is to partner with a well-established rigging company. Most rigging businesses offer a wide range of industrial lifting solutions, including:

  • Lifting devices
  • Testing services
  • Training and Inspection
  • Repairs
  • Certifications
  • Fabrications

Nowadays, rigging companies come in all shapes and sizes. But with your workers’ health and safety on the line, you should only go with someone dependable. So, how do you make your pick?

In this post, we will walk you through nine important traits to consider when choosing a rigging company. Let’s dive in.

1. Reputation

A rigging company’s reputation plays a vital role in determining its credibility. Customers are often blindsided by businesses that make empty promises or disguise hidden fees in their price quotes. Hence, you will have to dig deep and gather enough information to weed out the bad apples.

Start with a simple Google search for rigging companies in your area. Once you shortlist a few prospects, see if they qualify for the following:

  • Customer reviews: Does the supplier have a mix of positive and negative reviews? If yes, chances are they are genuine.
  • Response to negative reviews: What’s the distributor’s attitude towards negative feedback? Do they treat people with kindness and empathy or are they dismissive and rude?
  • Media attention: Was the company involved in any lawsuits or scandals recently? How did they handle the bad press?

Visit trustworthy review sites to see what the rigging company’s past clients have to say about their services. In case you spot any red flags, back off immediately. You don’t want to associate with a business that has a dubious track record.

2. Experience

As they say, experience speaks for itself. Vetted rigging companies are likely to be more familiar with common rigging hardware quality issues. Moreover, they may have an extensive business network, better resources, and well-stocked storehouses.

A veteran rigging equipment supplier can also offer valuable insights into what equipment will work best for your project. You will certainly be able to benefit from their expertise.

3. Variety of Rigging Equipment

Like most contractors, you probably deal with tight deadlines and cannot spend hours shopping for equipment.

Hence, it is best if you choose a rigging company that offers multiple product lines. With everything available under one roof, you’ll have an easier time sorting through different options and selecting the products you need.

Most rigging hardware suppliers have a website. Try looking up their online inventory to see what they have in store.

For example, Houston Holloway Inc.’s catalog of lifting and rigging products includes everything, from wire ropes and lifting slings to straps, eyebolts, and sheaves. All you need to do is visit our website, browse through our goods, and take your pick. It’s that simple!

4. Quality of Rigging Equipment

Prioritizing rigging equipment quality should be a no-brainer. Although low-quality rigging gear is often cheaper, it can lead to expensive repairs, extended downtime, and fatal accidents. Good-quality equipment may cost more comparatively, but it is long-lasting and essentially pays for itself in the long haul.

Be sure to buy from a rigging company that is known to sell quality equipment. Check if their products are OSHA and ASME-compliant. In case you need additional reassurance, feel free to reach out to the supplier with your queries.

5. Customer Service

Imagine setting up for a lifting operation, only to realize your industrial lifting sling is malfunctioning. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Rigging emergencies can happen at any time. And, in most cases, they require immediate action. Leaving the problem unattended for too long may lead to major escalations and safety hazards.

Make sure the rigging company has a dedicated customer support system. You should be able to reach them through e-mail, chat, and phone at all times. Plus, see if they have a tried-and-tested emergency response procedure in place. This way, you won’t have to lose sleep over sudden accidents jeopardizing your lifting job.

6. Rigging Training

As you may know, getting struck by an object is a leading cause of death among construction workers. According to a study by OSHA, workers are often struck by:

  • Heavy equipment and vehicles
  • Falling or flying objects
  • Concrete or masonry walls

Needless to say, improper handling of heavy loads increases the risk of struck-by hazards. Your workers must receive proper training before handling any lifting consignment. This is where a well-established rigging company can help.

A rigging company that organizes training seminars for existing or prospective clients is worth its weight in gold. Apart from advising you on the right products to use, they will educate your workers on proper rigging and fall-protection methods.

7. Rigging Inspections

Inspecting rigging equipment is the first step to completing a successful lifting project. Proper inspections can prevent gruesome accidents and ensure everything is safe to use.

To achieve this, you’ll want to hire a rigging company that complies with ASME, OSHA, and manufacturer-mandated inspection processes. HHI’s Rigging Inspection Department employs a team of reputable, experienced engineers skilled at evaluating various rigging devices. We also provide a detailed visual report and recommend actionable steps to remove defects.

8. Location

The location of your rigging company will directly impact your shipping logistics. Heavy lifting devices require a ton of careful packaging. Not to mention, increased distances slow down deliveries, meaning you may have to wait quite a bit before receiving your shipment.

So, in case your seller is based in another state, you’ll probably have to shell out a fortune in shipping expenses each time you make a purchase.

Hence, try and search for a distributor around your area, or one that has multiple branches across the country. This will help you source supplies quickly, especially if you have an urgent order.

9. Return Policy

Every so often, you may have to return rigging equipment. This could be due to several reasons. Maybe the product did not arrive in time. Maybe you were not entirely satisfied with what you received. Or, maybe you changed your mind after the item was delivered.

Whatever the case, it’s always in your best interest to find a rigging company with a clear-cut return policy. This way, you’ll be able to send the lifting device back hassle-free. Additionally, you may be eligible for a refund, based on the company’s policy.

The Bottom Line

While deciding on a rigging company may be easier said than done, it is not rocket science. You need to ensure that the supplier has enough experience and equipment to meet your requirements. Do not fall prey to false claims: use the pointers mentioned above to set a benchmark for potential suppliers.

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