Crosby® S-253 - Sling Saver Screw Pin Anchor Shackles

Crosby® S-253 - Sling Saver Screw Pin Anchor Shackles

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Green Pin® G-4151 Dee Shackle SC

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Van Beest Green Pin® shackles are European-made, high-quality, and meet industry standards. Each Van Beest shackle is marked with steel grade and traceability code.

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Product description Van Beest Green Pin produces only the highest quality products, and their G-4151 Screw Pin Shackles are certainly no exception. Each European-made shackle meets industry standards, as well as the US Federal Specification RR-C-271 Type IVB Class 2, Grade A. Screw Pin Shackles (also commonly called D or Dee Shackles) are commonly used for non-permanent applications where something needs to be connected or disconnected quickly or repeatedly. The “D” shape design is narrower than an anchor or bow shackle and it features a screw pin. Working load limit: .33 tons, 660 pounds Grade: 6 WLL Temperature: -4 F to 392 F The Green Screw Pin Chain Shackles are made from high tensile steel that is quenched and tempered to maintain its shape and strength – even in extreme temperatures. These Screw Pin Chain Shackles are also hot-dipped for a galvanized finish that protects from damage and scratches while providing extra durability. We offer a wide variety of Van Beest and Crosby shackles at affordable prices for applications of all sizes. If you have any questions regarding Green Pin shackles, please give us a call.
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Color HHI Green
Choker Capacity 1280

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