Crosby® G-2140E Easy-Loc Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackle

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The Crosby G-2140E Easy-Loc Shackle, a game-changing alloy product designed to ease heavy rigging and lifting jobs. With up to 90% reduction in release time and no need for nuts or cotter pins, this shackle makes sure secure and efficient operations. With a 400-Ton working load limit, this shackle is made from a strong and durable alloy that has been quenched and tempered for optimal performance. Additionally, it has been tested to twice its working load limit, make sure its reliability.

Product Materials The Crosby G-2140E Easy-Loc Shackles are quenched and tempered forged alloy steel and processed through 300 metric tons. The galvanized shackle is corrosion resistant and can be self-colored with pins painted red. This product is constructed to maximize the property of the steel and reduce the risk of catastrophic failure. Applications for G-2140E Easy-Loc Shackles The G-2140E Easy-Loc Shackles are designed to make rigging and lifting operations more efficient for companies in the energy and construction industry. Common applications include (but are not limited to): Towing Suspension Tie downs Side-loading Multiple sling leg connections Have Questions About G-2140E Shackles? Do you need help finding the perfect G-2140E Easy-Loc Shackle for your application? Speak with a rigging and lifting equipment specialist at Holloway Houston Inc. today. GET IN TOUCH

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