Product Description:

At HHI, you can get the best soft shackle that is lightweight, high strength, floatable, low stretch, and easy to handle. Each of our soft shackle is also rust resistant and designed to be easy on the equipment. An additional braided polyester jacket coated with Fiber Lock makes our soft shackles more durable.

Product Application:

• Rigging applications
• Lifting loads and objects
• Sailing

Product Material:

• Polyester

Product Specifications:

Make sure to check the following specifications before buying a product.

• Type of material
• Size and length of soft shackle
• Intended use
• Rated
• Work Load Limit

Safety Warning/Notice:

At HHI, all products are sold with the express understanding that the purchasers and end-users know the safe use and application of the products. Please note, use of a soft shackle by unqualified person/s can cause fatal accidents and injuries. The user is responsible for proper application as per the required standards and regulations. Make sure you understand the manufacturer’s recommendations and the safety information before using the products.

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