Water Bag Testing Rental

At Holloway, the Water Bag Testing Division offers a safer, more economical and less time-consuming alternative to solid weights for proof testing cranes, lifeboats, structure strength and other applications. Useful anywhere there is a water supply; water bag testing eliminates large transportation costs, provides less storage and handling problems, and reduces customer rigging time and expense.

Precision Testing and Unmatched Service Capabilities

At Holloway, water bag testing provides a safer, more economical, and less time-consuming alternative to solid weight testing for proof testing cranes, lifeboats, structure strength, and other applications.

Our water bag testing method is safer because water bags are less likely to tip over or collapse, and they can be easily moved and positioned, reducing the risk of accidents. Water bag testing is also more economical because water bags are less expensive to purchase and transport, and they can be reused multiple times. Finally, water bag testing is much faster than solid weight testing because water bags can be filled and emptied quickly, and they can be stacked to test multiple loads simultaneously.

Comprehensive Rigging Solutions and Services

  • risericonFully trained technicians
  • risericonFull compliment of auxiliary rigging and accessories
  • risericonTransportation to your site
  • risericonIn House Technical Services
  • risericonCalibrated measuring equipment
  • risericonCertified to ASTM E-4 and AWWA C701 specifications
  • risericonComplete pre-job inspection
With Holloway, you can trust that you are getting the best proof load and break test services. Our advanced facilities, experienced professionals, and comprehensive reporting services make us the ideal partner for all your load testing needs. Get A Quote Now!