Personnel Baskets Rental

Renting a personnel basket from HHI Lifting is a safe and efficient way to access work areas at height. Our personnel baskets are made from high-quality materials and are designed to meet the highest safety standards. We also offer a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect personnel basket for your specific needs.

Personnel Baskets for Rent

Are you worried about the swift transfer and transport of workers/personnel on your project site? Get these personnel baskets to ensure the safety of your workers.

We know personal safety is the most crucial concern, overriding other considerations when choosing personnel baskets. And we make sure you can rent personnel baskets that conform to all the recommended safety standards.

Our personnel crane baskets are known for their stability, flexibility, robustness, and long-lasting service. You can suspend the workers in these baskets from either a crane or forklift. They are safe for use.

Why Rent Personnel Baskets from Holloway

At Holloway, we rent personnel baskets, man baskets, and cages that pass the highest safety and design standards. These baskets can carry anywhere from 2 to 12 people at a time, depending on the overall load capacity.

Our personnel baskets meet or exceed the stringent standards of ASME 30.23 for “Personnel Lifting Systems.” They are also designed in conformance with ASME BTH-1 requirements and OSHA compliant.

Other safety features include

  • repairInward opening auto-locking gates
  • repairNon-slip flooring
  • repairGrab rail around the interior perimeter
  • repairExpanded metal sides

Moreover, these baskets also come with a quick attach /detach test weight. In other words, your workers will feel safer when using our personnel crane baskets.

Key Features of Our Personnel Baskets

Holloway offers personnel basket rentals suitable for different industrial needs. Whether oil and gas industry or construction sites, everyone can benefit from our personnel crane baskets. Here are a few key features of our products that will help you make a well-informed decision about on-site safety measures.

Dimensions (ft)
Working Load Limit (lb)
Crane Basket, High Profile
2 Persons
3 x 3 x 7
Crane Basket, High Profile
3 Persons
4 x 4 x 7
Crane Basket, Low Profile
3 Persons
4 x 4 x 4

Standard Features:

Inward opening, self-locking gate
Expanded metal sides
Grab rail around the interior perimeter
Slip-resistant plate floor
Quick attach/detach test weight
Painted yellow (for safety)
Meets ASME B30.23 standards for “Personnel Lifting Systems”
Tested to 125% of working load limit

Service That Starts Out Right

Based in Houston, TX, Holloway prides itself in serving the best quality lifting and rigging equipment and services. We have served hundreds of clients from different industries for more than 40 years. Our excellent customer service helps differentiate us from our competitors. That’s why our customers keep coming back for specialized services and products.

So, when you work with Holloway, you will get the following benefits.

  • repairDiscussion your lifting and rigging requirements to get everything in order from the get go.
  • repairGet support any time you need until your project gets finished.
  • repairDiscussion your lifting and rigging requirements to get everything in order from the get go.
  • repairRecommendation of the best and the most economical solutions for your project(s).

In short, Holloway is not just a lifting and rigging equipment supplier. We are your business partner, willing to go the extra mile for you.

You can get our personnel crane baskets on rent immediately. Just choose a device that suits your project needs and get started. We can also help you with other rigging and lifting needs. To find out how we can help, call us at 713-674-5631 or fill out our online contact form.