Holloway Chain Sling | 1/2

Holloway Chain Sling | 1/2" ADJUSTABLE Chain Sling, 2-Leg (Grade 100) | WLL 21,200lbs

Holloway Chain Sling | 5/16

Holloway Chain Sling | 5/16" ADJUSTABLE Chain Sling, 2-Leg (Grade 100) | WLL 8,100lbs

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Holloway Chain Sling | 3/8" ADJUSTABLE Chain Sling, 2-Leg (Grade 100) | WLL 12,400lbs

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The Holloway 3/8" ADJUSTABLE Chain Sling is a heavy-duty chain sling that is perfect for safely and efficiently lifting and moving heavy loads. It is made from Grade 100 chain, which is one of the strongest types of chain available. The sling has a working load limit (WLL) of 12,400lbs and is adjustable to accommodate different lifting requirements.

The sling has two legs, each with a grab hook at the end. The grab hooks make it easy to attach the sling to the load and to the lifting equipment. The sling also has a metal tag that displays the size, reach, capacity, and serial number of the sling.

The Holloway Chain Sling is ideal for a variety of applications, including construction, manufacturing, mining, and rental fleets. It is also perfect for lifting and moving heavy equipment, machinery, and materials.


  • Grade 100 chain for superior strength and durability
  • Adjustable to accommodate different lifting requirements
  • Two legs with grab hooks for easy attachment
  • Metal tag with size, reach, capacity, and serial number information


  • Lift and move extremely heavy loads with confidence
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Extend the life of your lifting equipment
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are using a high-quality product

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More Information
Manufacturer Holloway Houston, Inc.
Size 3/8"
No. of Legs 2