Green Pin Lifting Tycan

Green Pin Van Beest Lifting Tycan is a lightweight, durable, and easy-to-use lifting chain that is up to eight times lighter than a steel chain. It is made from Dyneema®, the world's strongest man-made fiber, and is perfect for a wide range of applications.

Green Pin Tycan®: The Future of Lifting and Lashing

Green Pin Lifting Tycan®

Green Pin Tycan® – the fiber chain for lashing and lifting that has all the performance and flexibility of steel chain but is a fraction of the weight. Green Pin Tycan® is extremely safe and easy to use, non-corrosive, and completely waterproof. By using Green Pin Tycan® companies achieve greater efficiency and a safer working environment. The lightweight and soft touch of the Green Pin Tycan® Chain minimizes cuts and bad backs. It also means that even long lengths can be handled easily by just one person. The result is a much safer working environment. What’s more, the fiber chain’s soft touch greatly reduces damage to loads and potential claims from customers. Green Pin® introduces three new sizes of Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain and accompanying grade 10 steel components. A choice of four sizes of lifting chain with matching fittings allows you to manufacture a complete one-leg chain assembly with a Working Load Limit of 2.6 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons, or 6.8 tons. In a four-leg configuration, the assembly can reach a Working Load Limit of up to 14.2 tons. Visit for more information and check out the below PDF to see how you can use Green Pin Tycan® as a complete lifting- or lashing system.

12 Benefits of Green Pin Van Beest Lifting Tycan®

  • repairLightweight
  • repairDurable
  • repairFlexible
  • repairSafe
  • repairEasy to use
  • repairNon-corrosive
  • repairWaterproof
  • repairVersatile
  • repairReduces fatigue
  • repairReduces damage to cargo
  • repairEnvironmentally friendly
  • repairCost-effective
Lightweight and durable

Green Pin Van Beest Lifting Tycan® is up to 8 times lighter than steel chain, making it easier to handle and transport. It is also extremely durable and resistant to abrasion, cutting, and UV damage.

Safe and easy to use

Green Pin Van Beest Lifting Tycan® is a very safe lifting chain, with a high breaking strength and a low stretch factor. It is also very easy to use and does not require any special tools or training.


Green Pin Van Beest Lifting Tycan® can be used for a wide range of lifting applications, including construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, and marine. It is also ideal for use in harsh environments and confined spaces.


Green Pin Van Beest Lifting Tycan® is a very durable and long-lasting lifting chain, which can save you money on replacement costs in the long run.