S-252 – Sling Saver Bolt Type Anchor Shackles

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Designed for connecting synthetic web slings and round slings to eye bolts, lifting lugs, and pad eyes.

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Looking for a large load distribution area in your shackles? The S-252 Sling Saver Bolt Type Anchor Shackles are specifically designed to increase the efficiency of your swings with a wide surface for great load distribution of web fibers.

The shackles meet or exceed all requirements of ASME B30.26, including identification, ductility, design factor, proof load, and temperature requirements.

  • Working load limit: 6,500 pounds
  • Type: Web Sling
  • Sizes: 3 ¼ to 50 metric tons

You’ll also note that the expanded radius of the bow expands the sling-bearing surface, contributing to the shackles’ large load-bearing capabilities. This product is up to 15 percent more efficient than most standard chain and anchor bows and traditional eye hooks.

These particular shackles are commonly used to connect round slings/synthetic web slings to lifting lugs, pad eyes, and eye bolts.

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