G-2140E – Bolt Type Easy-Loc Shackles

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The revolutionary Crosby® G-2104E Alloy Easy-Loc® Shackle reduces heavy lift install and release time by as much as 90% over traditional securement methods.

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Hoping to reduce release time? This Crosby product can do that by as much as 90 percent quicker than traditional securement methods. It’s great for heavy lifting and saving time on securement system installations. It doesn’t require a nut and cotter pin for critical lifts.

G-2140E meets the performance requirements of Federal Specification RR-C-271F, Type IVA, Grade B, Class 3.

  • Working load limit: 400,000 pounds
  • Grade: 8
  • WLL Temperature: – 40F to 400F

The product is designed with a wide grip shackle bolt handle and built-in tethered points. The shackles’ steel is quenched and tempered to meet DNC impact requirements of 31ft-lbs. at -4 degrees. The shackles are surprisingly light compared to many shackles with similar capabilities – 60% lighter than nut and cotter pin shackles.

With a huge working load limit, you can take on the heaviest, most difficult tasks with ease. Need something with a lower load limit? Browse our other shackles or talk to a company representative today.