Product Description:

A tree saver strap is used in winching as a connecting link between the tree and the winch. It is designed not to store energy under stretch, making it suitable for winching. HHI features some of the best quality tree saver winch straps in the market.

Product Application:

• Winching
• Towing (sometimes)

Product Material:

• Ultra-low stretch polyester

Product Specifications:

When buying a tree saver strap, be sure to check the following factors.

• Rated capacity
• Type of material
• Size and type
• Safety information

Safety Warning/Notice:

At HHI, all products are sold with the express understanding that the purchasers and end-users know the safe use and application of the products. Please note, use of a tree saver strap by unqualified person/s can cause fatal accidents and injuries. The user is responsible for proper application as per the required standards and regulations. Make sure you understand the manufacturer’s recommendations and the safety information before using the products.

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