Product Description:

A bolt-type shackle comes with a bolt, nut, and a cotter pin, making it a secure rigging tool. These shackles remain secure even when subject to rotation. The bolt-type anchor shackle comes in different sizes, materials, and load capacities. We offer a wide range of bolt-type shackles.

Product Application:

• Used in different rigging, lifting, pulling and hoisting applications
• Particularly useful in applications where the load may cause the bolt-type shackle to rotate.

Product Material:

• Carbon or alloy steel or galvanized alloy steel
• Alloy steel is usually stronger

Product Specifications:

When buying a bolt-type shackle, make sure to know the following specifications.

• Working load limit
• Type of material
• Size and type
• Pin diameter
• Bow diameter
• Pin type
• Bow type
• Inside width
• Safety information

Safety Warning/Notice:

At HHI, all products are sold with the express understanding that the purchasers and end-users know the safe use and application of the products. Please note, use of bolt-type shackles by unqualified person/s can cause fatal accidents and injuries. The user is responsible for proper application as per the required standards and regulations. Make sure you understand the manufacturer’s recommendations and the safety information before using the products.

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